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If you want to get that junk car in Cedar Rapids off your hands, the most efficient solution is to sell it to Junk Car Medics® for cash. We’re not going to offer you peanuts for your junk car either. We know the value of your car after its usefulness. Therefore, we will pay you nicely for your junk car.

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100's of people trust Junk Car Medics® each month in Cedar Rapids to be their car buyer for makes and models of all varieties and conditions because we make selling a car absolutely pain free.


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From the moment you receive your quote up until your car is removed and a check is in your hand the Medics have got your back & will simply get the job done. Most transactions occur same day or within 48 hours.

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We service all surrounding cities including Marion, Hiawatha, Robins, Vinton, and Anamosa.

We buy cars in the following zip codes in Cedar Rapids: 52227, 52228, 52233, 52324, 52338, 52401, 52402, 52403, 52404, 52405, 52406, 52407, 52408, 52409, 52410, 52411, 52497, 52498, 52499.


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Scrapping a Car in Cedar Rapids, IA? Here's Some Common Questions Asked

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Have you been dying to get a new car, but just don’t have the funds right now to do so? Are you tired of driving around in your dated, rather expensive junk car in Cedar Rapids, IA? Every car deteriorates with time. Over time, the car starts to lose its aesthetic appeal and performance abilities. You’ll notice that not only does your car look jacked up, but it doesn’t function the same causing you to throw thousands down the drain. Yet, what if there was a quick solution to selling your junk car for cash in Cedar Rapids, IA? Would you be interested?

Junk cars can be hard to sell in the traditional market. Buyers and dealerships tend to look for vehicles that are up-to-date, or at the very least, operational with little investment. When you have an old, unattractive, and inefficient vehicle for sale, your advertisement could sit for months before you even get someone interested in buying the car. However, by selling your junk car to a junk car buyer, you can save yourself a lot of time and earn some quick cash along the way.

Junk Car Medics® is a junk car removal company near you that is willing to buy your car no matter what it looks like. You’re just a phone call away from getting rid of that junk for cash.

We’ll Buy Your Junk Car No Matter Where You Live in Cedar Rapids

Although Cedar Rapids is a wonderful place to live, one would be crazy to be driving around in an outdated or unreliable car in the “City of five seasons”. With humid temperatures in the warm season and breathtakingly cold temperatures in the cold season, having a car without sufficient heating and cooling or that continues to break down all the time isn’t the brightest idea.

We provide free car removal services anywhere in Cedar Rapids. Whether you live in Oakhill Jackson, Wellington Heights, Cedar Valley, Lincoln Village, Mound View, Taylor, Westwind Creek, or some other Cedar Rapids neighborhood, we have the manpower to get to you and get that car out of your life.

Get Decent Cash for Your Junk Car in Cedar Rapids, IA

If it’s the offer you’re worried about, you’ll find comfort in knowing that Junk Car Medics® offers some of the best prices in the industry. We not only pay you for what your junk car is worth in metal, we will pay for working parts in your junk car that can be refurbished and sold. This will ultimately up the price on the amount you receive for your junk car in Cedar Rapids, IA to give you the highest payout possible.

We don’t make selling to Junk Car Medics® either. All it takes is a ten-minute phone call to get started. You provide us with some basic information and we provide you with a quote. If you like what we’ve offered you, you can agree to a day and time that is most convenient for junk car removal. We’ve even helped customers get their car removed the same day they call in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Junk Cars in Cedar Rapids, IA

I have misplaced my car title. Where can I get a duplicate to sell my junk car for cash in Cedar Rapids?

Your car title is the ideal document for transferring ownership. If you own your car outright (meaning you have no more payments on the vehicle), you should be able to retrieve a copy of the title from the Iowa Division of Motor Vehicles.

I don’t have the key to my junk car anymore. Will you still buy it?

Yes. We don’t care if the junk car hasn’t been driven in a while or that you’ve lost the key. We will still make you an offer.

Do I need to be there for the junk car removal in Cedar Rapids, IA?

Yes. We require you to be present so that you can sign over ownership of the vehicle and receive your cash payment. If you cannot be there, let us know in advance to set up different arrangements.

Ready to turn that junk car in Cedar Rapids into cash? Contact Junk Car Medics® for your free quote.

Call us now: (855) 437-9728.

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No problem, we've put together a list of all the other auto salvage yards in Cedar Rapids, IA. You can also check out other buyers of junk cars in Iowa.

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Get More Cash in Your Pocket When You Sell Your Car

Get more cash for your car without the hassle of selling it privately or dealing with local junkyards

(offers may vary greatly on the same makes and models based on year and condition)

VehicleZipCodeOffer DateOffer Price
2001 Chevrolet Silverado5240411-13-2019$720
2000 Ford Windstar5240511-05-2019$70
2003 Subaru Baja5240210-25-2019$980
2005 Nissan Maxima5240310-03-2019$80
2002 Ford Explorer5240209-24-2019$95
2006 Honda Odyssey5240209-22-2019$550
2010 Ford F-1505240509-20-2019$915
2007 Chrysler Town Country5240408-27-2019$90
2003 Dodge Caravan5240208-24-2019$80
2005 BMW 7-Series5240208-16-2019$835
2005 Chrysler Town Country5240508-01-2019$55
2005 Chrysler Town & Country5240507-23-2019$90
2001 Kia Sephia5240407-22-2019$80
2007 Honda Accord5240207-20-2019$500

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