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Does your property have an unsightly vehicle sitting on it, taking up space? Do you own a wrecked truck or other automobile that doesn’t run? How would you like to sell that car for immediate, guaranteed cash? With JunkCarMedics.com, you can get the best deal for your junk cars and wrecked trucks; immediate cash payments on the spot.

We are a team of buyers in Wichita, KS who work closely with a network of auto recyclers and component buyers willing to pay top-dollar for the materials we provide them. Since our partners are capable of making profits while paying such high prices for the components and materials we provide them, we are likewise able to offer you the highest prices in the region.

We Buy Used Cars and Junk Cars

As the most reputable auto scrapyard in Wichita, KS, we are able to offer high prices for cars and trucks in any condition, from lightly used to completely destroyed. We always manage to beat our competition when making quotes for used vehicles, so feel free to give us a call today and find out how much you can get for yours.

A used vehicle in decent condition can net up to $10,000 through us, so it is easy to see that we are willing to pay top-dollar cash for junk cars in Wichita, KS. Typically, a car being sold for scrap metal will not yield as much, but you can trust our expert appraisers to arrive at the highest possible sales price for you.

What Do You Need to Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Wichita, KS? 

Selling your car is easy when you work with JunkCarMedics.com, all you need are the following items:

  • A valid state ID or drivers license;
  • The vehicle’s title.

We understand that sometimes, especially for used and junk vehicles, the title is not always available. These documents can get lost over the years or even destroyed. This doesn’t mean that you can’t sell your junk car in Wichita, KS, however. It just means you have to complete a little bit of extra paperwork to get it done.

Thankfully, you can benefit from the insight and hard work of our compliance experts. If you don’t have your car’s title on-hand, just call us and let us take care of the process of proving your ownership of the car—if it’s really yours, we’ll be able to demonstrate that fact. From that point onwards, selling it to us is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow these steps:

  1. Describe the vehicle to us and get a quote;
  2. Schedule a tow-away time that is convenient for you;
  3. Get paid in cash when we show up to take the car.

Nothing could be easier than selling a junk car for cash with JunkCarMedics.com!

Free Towing & Removal

One of the most valuable services we offer is completely free removal in Wichita, KS. Towing can be a hassle, and some companies try to make an extra buck by charging for the service—even when they’re paying for the car you’re selling them! Obviously, this makes it easy for them to quote higher prices than they are willing to pay and use any number of disreputable tactics.

For this reason, we offer completely free towing services for every junk car we buy. This way, you can be sure that you’re getting the price we quote you without worrying about hidden fees or charges of any kind. Additionally, this makes the process easier on you—just give us a call and let us know what kind of car you want to sell us!

Important Information About JunkCarMedics.com:

  • We purchase used cars and junk vehicles of all kinds, in any condition
  • We always pay cash for junk cars in Wichita, KS
  • You can have us tow for free
  • We are licensed and qualified to buy junk cars without a title
  • You can get the latest scrap prices in Wichita, KS from us

Whether your vehicle is in Park City, Kechi or Bel Aire, you can be sure you’ll get same-day service from our highly professional team. Our service area stretches from Valley Center to Andover and even further—reach out to us today and get a quote for your car!

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JunkCarMedics.com buys junk cars all across Kansas.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Wichita, KS

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
2010 Dodge Journey 67203 06-26-2021 $825
2006 Jeep Commander 67203 06-23-2021 $835
2003 KIA Sorento 67214 06-17-2021 $540
2003 Toyota Camry 67207 05-14-2021 $605
2003 Toyota Camry 67207 05-12-2021 $625
2007 Scion Tc 67217 05-10-2021 $550
2003 Infiniti G35 67218 04-14-2021 $560
2006 Ford Explorer 67209 03-26-2021 $605
2004 Bmw 330 67207 03-07-2021 $555
2001 Honda Civic 67207 02-26-2021 $70
1993 Ford Explorer 67218 02-16-2021 $70
2004 Ford Taurus 67216 02-06-2021 $70
2004 Ford Taurus 67216 02-05-2021 $70
2010 Dodge Charger 67217 01-28-2021 $870
2011 Ford Escape 67207 01-21-2021 $770

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We Service Wichita & Surrounding

We serve the entire Wichita metropolitan area, including Derby, Newton, El Dorado, Winfield, Arkansas City, Andover, Haysville, Augusta, Wellington, Park City, Valley Center, Bel Aire, Mulvane, Goddard, Rose Hill, Hesston, Maize, Oaklawn-Sunview, Clearwater, Cheney, Halstead, Kechi, McConnell Air Force Base, North Newton, Douglass, Sedgwick, Belle Plaine, Towanda, Colwich, Conway Springs, Caldwell, Oxford, Andale, Burrton, Benton, Garden Plain, Mount Hope, Eastborough, Whitewater, Leon, Bentley, Argonia, Potwin, South Haven, Walton, Elbing, Geuda Springs, Latham, Viola, Cassoday, Mayfield, Milan, Hunnewell, Beaumont, Bois d'Arc, Corbin, Peck, and Schulte.

We also buy cars in all of Wichita including these following zip codes: 70112, 70113, 70114, 70115, 70116, 70117, 70118, 70119, 70122, 70124, 70125, 70126, 70127, 70128, 70129, 70130, 70131, 70139, 70163.67037, 67052, 67067, 67101, 67106, 67202, 67203, 67204, 67205, 67206, 67207, 67208, 67209, 67210, 67211, 67212, 67213, 67214, 67215, 67216, 67217, 67218, 67219, 67220, 67223, 67226, 67228, 67230, 67235, 67260.

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