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Get cash for cars & cash for junk cars in Henderson, NV in any condition including used cars. We buy junk cars including damaged cars and wrecked cars. Get your best offer to sell junk cars with free junk car removal in Henderson.

Junk Car Buyers Who Pay The Most Cash for Cars in Henderson

How does it work?

  • 1. Get Your Best Offer

    Get your best offer from Henderson and national car buyers to sell your car instantly. Get started by sharing your car's VIN and condition.

  • 2. Schedule The Collection

    Accept your offer within 7 days and schedule the free collection of your car. Most vehicles are picked up within 2-72 hours.

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    3. Sell Your Car for Cash

    Get paid to sell your car on the spot with cash or check by our local carrier upon removal.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Henderson with Free Removal

Junk car selling for cash in Henderson is the best way of getting rid of old car for cash. Junk car selling involves multiple steps that include, finding a buyer, arranging for the vehicle's removal, and ultimately receiving cash in exchange for your scrap car. In Henderson, junk car buyers simplify the process by offering convenient cash payments for the cars they collect, making it a financially rewarding experience.

Junk Car Medics buys scrap cars in any condition with free junk car removal.

We buy junk cars in Henderson for $554.47, on average.

The 5 most commonly sold clunkers in Henderson are the , Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Camry, Ford Explorer, Hyundai Elantra.

We buy broken-down and damaged cars as well. We purchase clunkers for the most money in the Henderson area since 2015 with over $1 million dollars in payouts cash for junk cars.

What is Cash for Cars & Junk Cars in Henderson?

Cash for cars & junk cars in Henderson is a fast way to sell any car for money. Cash for Scrap Cars in Henderson, NV with Junk Car Medics gets you the most money for selling your vehicle no matter the condition. You can use our junk cars for cash service in 3 steps that include getting an offer, accepting your offer, and getting your payment on the spot.

We pay cash for cars in Henderson including the following types of vehicles.

  • Old Cars - vehicles that are too old to safely drive.
  • Operational Cars - vehicles that still drive.
  • Non-Running Cars - vehicles that do not start or drive.
  • Damaged Cars - Lightly or excessively damaged cars
  • Junk (Scrap) Cars - Any type, any condition, including salvage.
  • Unwanted Cars - Any car you don't want we will buy.
  • Used Cars - any car, any condition.

10-year-old cars in Henderson are selling for $1,207.05, on average based on our data. It's a great time to get cash for junk cars in Henderson.

Cash for Cars By The Numbers in Henderson

Here's a look at some local junk cars for cash numbers.

Vehicles We Bought Locally 162
Amount Paid in Cash $91,470.00
Average Price Paid Per Car $564.63
Average Vehicle Model Year 2005
Average Vehicle Age 18 years
Average Vehicle Mileage 158,963 miles

We have been paying cash for junk cars in Henderson since 2015.

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What Do I Need to Junk My Car in Henderson?

When junking your car in Henderson, Nevada you will need the following information.

  • The vehicle title or bill of sale
  • Your identification

Do I need a title to sell my car in Henderson?

No you do not need a title to sell your junk car in Henderson, but only when the vehicle is a model 2010 or older, was last titled in Nevada, and has no liens of record. When junking a vehicle with no title we recommend getting a replacement vehicle title. Based on our experience, selling a car with the title results in $227 more, on average. The cost of a replacement title is generally $28.25.

How do I get a replacement vehicle title in Henderson?

To replace a Nevada title in Henderson the car owner must complete the Application for Duplicate Title found on the Nevada DMV website or available in the local Henderson customer service center. The application can be mailed, dropped off, or completed online. The Duplicate Certificate of Title will be mailed to the owner of record as long as there are no liens. A lienholder of record will receive the title if money is still owed on the car. If a vehicle has been paid off and you need a duplicate title you must submit the lien release as well to have the duplicate title mailed to you.

Can I sell a car with a lien?

No, you cannot sell your junk car with a lien in Henderson, NV. A vehicle must be paid off for the title to be solely in your name. As long as there is a loan on the vehicle the financial institution that provided the funds has an ownership interest in the vehicle expressed as a lien on the title. You must pay off the remaining balance and submit a lien release to the DMV for a new clear title before you can junk cars in Henderson, Nevada for cash.

How much can I sell my junk car for in Henderson?

Scrap cars in Henderson sell for $554.47 cash, on average according to our stats.  Junk cars sell for $610.25 on average nationally. Henderson junk cars sell for $55.78 less than the national average.

Can I sell my car for more cash in other cities?

Here are average cash payouts for cars in others cities for comparison to Henderson, NV.

How does Junk Car Medics appraise junk cars?

The 3 main factors that determine the value of a car are the vehicle age, make and model, and whether you have the title.

Let's take a look at how these factors impact junk car prices in Henderson.

The Vehicle's Age

Here are local values by make and model.

Vehicle YearAverage Cash ValueValue Range
2006$508.24$0 - $910
2004$431.00$0 - $1360
2007$565.67$0 - $1340
2003$447.14$105 - $855
2008$715.77$115 - $1505

The Vehicle's Make and Model

Here are local values by make and model.

Top 5 Locally Sold Junk CarsCash Value Range
Volkswagen Jetta$115 - $865
Toyota Camry$155 - $1095
Ford Explorer$0 - $2490
Hyundai Elantra$0 - $380
Honda Odyssey$405 - $1340

The Vehicle's Title Status

Here are local values by vehicle title status.

TitleAverage Value


View Recently Sold Junk Cars in Henderson, NV

2002 Toyota RAV4

Zip: 89014
Sale Price: $790
Date: 09-04-2023

1986 Mercedes-Benz 560

Zip: 89031
Sale Price: $735
Date: 08-24-2023

2010 Volkswagen Jetta

Zip: 89011
Sale Price: $555
Date: 08-21-2023

2000 Ford Mustang

Zip: 89011
Sale Price: $70
Date: 08-09-2023

1991 Acura Legend

Zip: 89011
Sale Price: $70
Date: 08-09-2023

2010 Chevrolet Aveo

Zip: 89014
Sale Price: $700
Date: 08-04-2023

2000 Ford Mustang

Zip: 89015
Sale Price: $70
Date: 07-26-2023

2006 BMW 7-Series

Zip: 89031
Sale Price: $70
Date: 07-25-2023

2009 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

Zip: 89030
Sale Price: $755
Date: 07-22-2023

2007 Ford Fusion

Zip: 89015
Sale Price: $625
Date: 07-16-2023

2009 Dodge Caliber

Zip: 89030
Sale Price: $695
Date: 07-10-2023

2007 Bmw 328

Zip: 89015
Sale Price: $550
Date: 07-02-2023

2004 Subaru Impreza Wagon

Zip: 89011
Sale Price: $815
Date: 06-30-2023

2012 Dodge Avenger

Zip: 89014
Sale Price: $650
Date: 06-24-2023

2006 Honda Odyssey

Zip: 89011
Sale Price: $725
Date: 06-15-2023

2003 Toyota Camry

Zip: 89014
Sale Price: $570
Date: 06-14-2023

2003 GMC Yukon Denali

Zip: 89032
Sale Price: $695
Date: 06-07-2023

2003 Lexus LS 430

Zip: 89052
Sale Price: $855
Date: 05-27-2023

2003 Lexus LS 430

Zip: 89052
Sale Price: $785
Date: 05-26-2023

2004 Honda Civic

Zip: 89074
Sale Price: $550
Date: 05-06-2023

2006 Volkswagen Jetta

Zip: 89011
Sale Price: $775
Date: 04-27-2023

Please note all values are for reference only.