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We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Albuquerque

As the most reputable junk car buyers in Albuquerque, NM, we offer the best rates and the fastest, most reliable service in the industry. We are fully licensed and qualified to buy all kinds of vehicles, from junkers and wrecks to used cars in running condition. Whatever the case is, we guarantee the best price around.

Since we are experts in the appraisal and recycling of used cars, we buy junk cars in Albuquerque and can accurately price out the value of each component in the car you provide to us. This, combined with our network of buyers and auto recyclers, makes us able to offer the highest possible amount in our industry. Not only that, but we provide complete accountability for the sale, as well.

When it comes to used cars and trucks, we are prepared to pay up to $10,000 for vehicles in decent condition. Wrecks and junk cars typically earn their weight in scrap metal, which can be a very attractive sum, especially considering that the only other option is letting the car sit and rust on your property.

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Top rated junk car buyers.

How to Sell Junk Cars in Albuquerque, NM

Sell junk cars in Albuquerque, NM with our quick, easy, painless process. Get up to $300, $500, even $1,500 cash for junk cars, old cars, damaged cars, and used cars.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Get an Instant Offer Online or by Phone

We'll ask you a few basic questions about your car's condition, mileage, and whether you have the title.  It's a quick process that'll take less than 2 minutes to complete, and you'll get a fair market offer to junk your car.

Step 2: Accept Your Offer and Make Arrangements

After you accept your offer a representative will contact you to make arrangements for the removal of your junk car.  Towing and removal are free of charge.

Step 3: Get Paid More For Using Junk Car Medics in Albuquerque

Upon pick up, sign over the title, hand over the keys, and you'll get paid on the spot with a check for your car.

Steps to Use Junk Car Medics Cash for Junk Cars Service in Albuquerque

Why Junk My Car with Junk Car Medics in Albuquerque

We Pay More

Junk Car Medics gets you more money than all the other places that buy junk cars.

Guaranteed Cash Offers

Your offer is valid for 5 days - Shop around if you like, you'll be back.

Title and Assistance

Junk Car Medics walks you through the whole process including how to sign over your title.

We Junk Cars Near You

Our cash for cars service covers Albuquerque and the entire Bernalillo County.

Green Vehicle Recycling

All of our junk car buyers recycle vehicles in a environmentally friendly way.

100's of Raving Reviews

The only thing we crush more than cars is our competition. We're revitalizing the industry.

Jon S. - Junk Car Medics Customer

I was trying to get rid of my 2008 GMC 1500 that needed a new transmission. Out of 8 different company's not only was there online quote fast and simple but they offered the best and highest price. When accepting the offer they made it easy with no complications. I scheduled my appointment and the driver came by the next day to remove it and pay me. If you are trying to get rid of your junk car they are the ones I recommend!

Showing Our Junk Car Removal Process in Albuquerque

Albuquerque Junk Car Prices

Over the last 12 months junk car prices in Albuquerque, NM increased 23% on average for vehicle year models 1998-2008, the most commonly junked years! Let's take a look at some of the numbers:

Most Common Junk Cars in Albuquerque

2005 BMW X5 - $912.50
2006 Acura TL - $1,063.33
2005 Chevrolet Malibu - $160.00
1994 Honda Accord - $256.67
2007 Chevrolet Cobalt - $110.00
2005 Buick Rainier - $223.33
2005 Dodge Stratus - $285.00
2006 Volkswagen Rabbit - $340.00
2006 Cadillac CTS - $442.50
2001 Chevrolet Impala - $330.00

Junk Car Prices in Albuquerque by Year

1999 - $349.86
2001 - $384.02
2002 - $423.75
2003 - $448.47
2004 - $495.32
2005 - $510.40
2006 - $625.59
2007 - $696.18
2008 - $701.12
2009 - $757.06

10 Junk Cars Worth Over $500 in Burque

2003 Acura RSX - $1,465.00
2003 Mercedes-Benz E-Class - $1,115.00
2004 Honda CR-V - $1,070.00
2004 Toyota Sienna - $1,225.00
2005 Honda Civic - $727.50
2005 Honda CR-V - $1,785.00
2005 GMC Safari - $780.00
2006 Cadillac Escalade - $940.00
2006 Ford Expedition - $770.00
2006 Honda Element - $1,215.00

The #1 Junk Car Removal Service in Albuquerque

Do you have a clunker sitting on your property, taking up space and becoming an eyesore for the neighborhood? How would you like to have that car towed away for free? What if you could get it sold at the same time and get money for it today? With Junk Car Medics, you can get top-dollar rates and immediate payment by selling your junk car in Albuquerque, NM.

We are local buyers with an auto scrapyard who purchase cars and trucks in all conditions. We will buy any vehicle you want to sell, whether it runs or not. You can sell us a wreck, a totaled vehicle, or even a decently running old truck you simply don’t need anymore. Whatever the case is, we assure top prices, free towing and immediate service.

Free Towing & Removal

Not only do we pay the highest prices for junk cars in Albuquerque, NM, we also remove those vehicles and tow them away for free. This is particularly useful in the case of abandoned vehicles that can be stuck on untenable land or in positions where removing them is very difficult. You don’t need to be concerned with that at all since our specialists will.

As a reputable auto scrap dealer, we offer a deep contrast to what many of our competitors do when it comes time to remove junk cars in Albuquerque, NM. Many will quote a high price for a vehicle and then drag the sum downwards with hidden fees and extra charges. This isn’t the case with us; you get exactly the sum we promise in our quote.

What Do I Need to Sell My Junk Car?

This is a good question and it has a simple answer. To sell your junk car in Albuquerque, NM, you only need two items apart from the car itself:

  1. A valid drivers license or state ID
  2. The title of the vehicle

If you do not have the vehicle’s title, we are still willing to buy it from you. New Mexico law specifies that some extra paperwork needs to be done for that to happen, but our regulation and compliance specialists are ready to take care of that for you. Just give us a call and ask to find out more!

Things To Know About Junk Car Medics:

  • We will buy any type of car or truck in any condition
  • You can get your vehicle removed off your property for free with our services
  • You can get paid the very moment we show up to remove your car
  • You can call us to learn the latest scrap prices in Albuquerque, NM
  • You can sell your junk car to us even if you don’t have the title on-hand.

Call (855) 587-0227 to learn more about Junk Car Medics Cash for Junk Cars Service in Albuequerque and get a quote for the sale of your junk car today. We serve the entire greater Albuquerque metropolitan area and all major suburbs, from Corrales to Los Ranchos de Albuquerque and beyond. North Valley, South Valley, Ventana Ranch and the Sandias Foothills are all included, so call us today!

We Buy Cars in all zip codes in Albuquerque including these popular ones: 87101, 87102, 87103, 87104, 87105, 87106, 87107, 87108, 87109, 87110, 87111, 87112, 87113, 87114, 87116, 87119, 87120, 87121, 87122, 87123, 87125, 87131, 87153, 87154, 87158, 87176, 87181, 87187, 87190, 87191, 87192, 87193, 87194, 87196, 87197, 87198, 87199.

We also purchase cars within up to 100 miles including in cities such as Taylor Ranch, West Mesa, Barelas, Sunport, South Valley & all surrounding areas.

Recent Purchases by Our Junk Car Buyers in Albuquerque, NM

2002 Ford Taurus


2000 Subaru Outback


1997 Toyota Corolla


2012 Honda Civic


2009 Volkswagen Jetta


2004 Hyundai Santa Fe


1998 Honda CR-V


2004 Chevrolet S-10


1992 FORD Explorer


1996 Toyota T100


2003 Audi A4


2002 Honda Civic


2005 Pontiac Grand Am


1998 Oldsmobile Intrigue


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