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    Paying Cash for Cars

    We can both agree that there is nothing more annoying than trying to sell your junk car for cash in Brooklyn, right? Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here at Junk Car Medics, we will pay you more cash for your vehicle then any other 5-borough scrap yard service. We’re so confident we’ve created a list of other auto salvage yards in Brooklyn in case you don’t believe us. With peace of mind, you will be getting the best price, the least amount of hassle, and an amazing 100% satisfaction guarantee. Contact us now to learn more!

    Junk Car Medics Serves Brooklyn, New York

    Along with the incredibly limited space in Brooklyn, you are looking at fines and penalties for trying to leave the vehicle on the road. By not taking action, you cost yourself more time and money down the road. In addition, it will sit in your mind bugging you until something is done.

    Thankfully, it can get better. With Junk Car Medics, we can help you work through the process of turning the vehicle over to us. Whether your vehicle is stuck on the Belt Parkway or in your own driveway, we can take it off your hands. We will help you get the proper documentation as well as help you deal with the NYC DMV. Feel free to watch the video to the right for more information.

    Now It Is Time To Take Your First Step

    Traditionally, scraping your car for cash wasn’t an easy process. However, with countless years serving Brooklyn as well as the surrounding boroughs, we have built up a reputation and drive to make this process streamlined. The Junk Car Medics, like doctors, should be your first call when you experience vehicle related pain or discomfort. When it comes to getting cash for your vehicle in Brooklyn, go with the pros.

    We provide cash for cars, provides free removal/towing, is among the highest regarded scrappers in Brooklyn NY, and works to make the process simpler. When cash for junk cars Brooklyn comes to mind, choose the best this amazing city has to offer.

    Recently Purchased Junk Cars in Brooklyn

    Vehicle: 2000 Chrysler 300M
    Location: 11201

    Vehicle: 2002 KIA Sedona
    Location: 11214

    Vehicle: 1999 Buick Century
    Location: 11220

    Vehicle: 2004 Nissan Altima
    Location: 11209

    Vehicle: 2001 Mercury Marquis
    Location: 11222

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    Frequently Asked Questions When Selling a Junk Car in Brooklyn, New York

    Where Can I Sell My Junk Car in Brooklyn, NY?

    While there are many options out there, we strive to be the best. Junk Car Medics is working to make the process of cash for cars as transparent and anti-shady as we can. While we work primarily in Brooklyn, (11205-11234) we will also help out if you are in one of the surrounding boroughs. Please give us a call and we can work out how best to satisfy your need.

    Do You Provide Free Towing / Junk Car Removal In Brooklyn?

    Yes we do! We understand how much of a hassle it can be to move a junk car and we extend this service as a courtesy to our customers.

    What do I need to sell my junk car in Brooklyn, NY?

    You will need proper documentation that you own the vehicle. More often then not this includes the title and the registration for the vehicle. Once we have this information and have moved your vehicle, we will scrap it once you are fully satisfied.

    Do You provide A Guarantee?

    We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with our service. We understand how stressful of a process this can be, and we will work to make it as hassle free as it can be.

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