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Sell Your Car Today in Fargo

Do you have an old car, truck, or van out in the driveway gathering dust? It's not doing you any good rusting away, but who's willing to buy a scrap car? We are! If you live in or near Fargo and want cash for your junk car, we have you covered. With our help, you can quickly turn that old junker into instant cash and avoid being taken for a ride by unscrupulous auto salvage yards. Fast, easy, and convenient, our Fargo junk car buying service is the place to turn when you need to unload an old vehicle.

Cash for Junk Cars Across the Fargo Area

We are pleased to offer cash for junk cars throughout the greater Fargo-Moorehead region. Whether you are located in Centennial, Bluemont Lakes, Downtown or elsewhere in the city, a single call is all that it typically takes to get the ball rolling. When looking for junk car buyers "near me," you can't do better. In addition to serving all of the F-M metro area, we cover areas like Horace, West Fargo, Frontier, Prairie Rose and more. Our process couldn't be easier, either. Simply give us a call and tell us "I want to sell my junk car", get a quote, meet up the same day in most cases, we will pay you cash, and you're good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions When Selling a Junk Car in Fargo, ND

If you have questions about cash for junk cars in Fargo, ND, we have answers! Please give us a call if you don't see the answer to your question below.

Do you buy junk cars in Fargo without a title?

Ideally, you will provide us with a valid registration and title at the time that we arrive with our tow trucks to tow away your car. Don't have a title? Don't worry. Replacing one is easy. We can also work with court orders, and there may be other alternatives as well. Please give us a call to learn more.

How long will it take to sell my car for cash in Fargo?

We know how eager you are to get some cash for that clunky old car, and we take steps to make the process as smooth, fast and easy as can be. The initial call that you make to get the process going typically takes around 10 minutes. Based on your information, we will provide you with a quote. In most cases, we can then come out to tow away the car and give you top dollar on the very same day, so you never have to worry about being left hanging.

Will you pay me cash for my junk car?

If you need to unload an old junk car in Fargo, chances are that you would prefer to get cash for it. That's especially true if it's so old and beyond repair that dealerships won't accept it as a trade-in. You can still use the car to finance a new one, as you will be paid on the spot at the time that we tow it away. Please note that there are exceptions for example donating your vehicle; contact us to learn more.

Which areas of Fargo do you cover?

We buy junk cars throughout the Fargo-Moorehead metro area. Whether you are located right off of a major freeway like I-94 or I-29 or if you're in a more far-flung place like Prairie Rose or elsewhere in the Red River Valley, you can rely on us to quickly turn that old, unused, non-working vehicle into cold, hard cash. Don't risk being scammed by sketchy salvage yards. By dealing with our experienced junk car buyers instead, you can rest assured of getting top dollar--and of having cash placed in your hand as quickly as possible.

Call us now: (855) 437-9728.

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Sell My Junk Car Near Me in Fargo for $50 - $15,777 Dollars

We buy cars in the following cities & zip codes in Fargo: Bismarck, Grand Forks, Minot.

58102, 58103, 58104, 58105, 58106, 58107, 58108, 58109, 58121, 58122, 58124, 58125, 58126.

How Much Are Junk Cars Going For in Fargo?

VehicleZipCodeOffer DateOffer Price
2012 Chevrolet Impala5810202-17-2020$685
2005 Dodge Durango5810202-03-2020$75
2004 Chevrolet Impala5810301-03-2020$65
2001 Lexus RX5810212-28-2019$545
2001 Lexus RX5810212-28-2019$545
2002 Ford Explorer5810311-18-2019$70
2002 Ford Explorer5810211-15-2019$90
2005 Pontiac Montana5810311-10-2019$60
1999 Audi A45810211-09-2019$70
2005 Buick Rendezvous5810410-24-2019$55
1995 Chevrolet Suburban5810309-12-2019$65
2005 Ford Focus5810309-05-2019$55
2004 Buick LeSabre5810409-05-2019$65
2013 Hyundai Sonata5810308-29-2019$720
2004 Buick LeSabre5810308-17-2019$65