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We pay cash for cars in Cleveland, OH in any condition. We buy junk cars including damaged cars and wrecked cars. Get your best offer to sell your vehicle online with free junk car removal in Cleveland.

Junk Car Buyers Who Pay The Most Cash for Cars in Cleveland

How does it work?

  • 1. Get Your Best Offer

    Get your best offer from Cleveland and national car buyers to sell your car instantly. Get started by sharing your car's VIN and condition.

  • 2. Schedule The Collection

    Accept your offer within 7 days and schedule the free collection of your car. Most vehicles are picked up within 2-72 hours.

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    3. Sell Your Car for Cash

    Get paid to sell your car on the spot with cash or check by our local carrier upon removal.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Cleveland with Free Removal

Junk car selling in Cleveland is the best way to get money for your clunker.

Junk Car Medics buys cars in any condition with free junk car removal.

We buy junk cars in Cleveland for $100 - $5,000 with most prices ranging from $200 - $1,000.

We buy inoperative and totaled cars as well. Junk Car Medics has been buying clunkers for the most money in the Cleveland area since 2015 with over $1 million dollars in payouts.

What is Cash for Cars in Cleveland?

Cash for cars in Cleveland is a fast way to get rid of running and non-running vehicles for money. Cash for Cars in Cleveland with Junk Car Medics gets you the most money for selling your vehicle no matter the condition. You can use our cash for cars service in 3 steps that include getting an offer, accepting your offer, and getting paid cash for your car.

Junk Car Medics is ready to pick your car up regardless of your location in Cleveland, be it in the city center, suburbs like Parma Heights, Seven Hills, Garfield Heights, or even further afield in places like Independence or Northfield. Junk Car Medics cash for cars in Cleveland includes selling the following types of vehicles.

  • Old Cars - vehicles that are too old to safely drive.
  • Operational Cars - vehicles that still drive.
  • Non-Running Cars - vehicles that do not start or drive.
  • Damaged Cars - Lightly or excessively damaged cars
  • Junk (Scrap) Cars - Any type, any condition, including salvage.
  • Unwanted Cars - Any car you don't want we will buy.

10-year-old junk cars in Cleveland sell for $500 - $1,500 cash, on average based on our data.

What Do I Need to Junk My Car in Cleveland?

If you're looking to sell junk cars in Cleveland, you'll need to prove that you own the vehicle. The easiest way to do this is by having a valid vehicle title in your name.

However, if you can't find the title, you can still sell your junk car by providing the vehicle registration and bill of sale as alternative proof of ownership.

Do I need a title to sell my car in Cleveland?

Although not always mandatory, having the title can greatly increase the value of your vehicle. Getting a replacement title in Ohio is a straightforward process, so if you don't have the title for your junk car, it's worth considering getting it replaced before selling in Cleveland.

How do I get a replacement vehicle title in Cleveland?

To apply for a duplicate title in Cincinnati, you can go to any Clerk of Courts office in Ohio and fill out the necessary paperwork. You will need to provide either the title number or, if you don't know it, the VIN number and date of purchase from your registration. The cost for a duplicate title is $15.00, and there may be additional fees for an affidavit. You can pay the fees in cash, credit card, personal check, or certified check.

Can I sell a car with a lien?

No, it is not legally possible to junk a car with a lien in Cleveland. The title of a vehicle can only be in your name if it is fully paid off. If there is still a balance owed to a financial institution, they are the rightful owner of the car, not you. Before you can junk a car for cash in Cleveland, any outstanding balance must be settled.

How much can I sell my junk car for in Cleveland?

Junk cars in Cleveland are selling for $100 - $5,000 with most prices ranging from $200 - $1,000 according to our stats.

How does Junk Car Medics appraise junk cars?

The 3 main factors that determine the value of a car are the vehicle age, make and model, and whether you have the title.

Understanding Selling Junk Cars and State Regulations in Cleveland

Situated along the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland stands as the largest city on the lake and one of the substantial cities in the Great Lakes region. Boasting a population of 372,624, it neighbors Akron to the east and smaller cities such as Warren and Ashland to the east and west.

The city is composed of diverse neighborhoods such as the culturally rich University Circle, the historic Ohio City, the bustling Downtown, and the vibrant Tremont, contributing to its unique urban fabric.

Regarding transportation, car ownership is a common feature of Cleveland, with an estimated 152,520 cars within the city. This underscores a significant reliance on personal vehicles for transit.

How does Cleveland define a junk vehicle?

In Cleveland, a junk vehicle is defined as a used car that is not made safe for highway use within 30 days after it becomes unsafe for such use, according to the City Ordinance § 325.39.

At Junk Car Medics, a junk car is defined as "a vehicle that, due to severe damage, age, or mechanical issues, can no longer perform its intended function of safe and reliable transportation. This includes but is not limited to vehicles that are unwanted, non-operational, or classified as salvage. These vehicles are also referred to as end-of-life vehicles."

What are the laws for selling junk cars in Cleveland?

In Cleveland, the main laws for recycling cars include:

  • § 325.39 defines junk cars and § 325.40 defines junkyards.
  • § 451.251 prohibits abandonment of junk motor vehicles and outlines the consequences.
  • § 451.27 specifies the requirements for covering or removing junk motor vehicles on private property.
  • The Ohio Scrap Vehicle Processing Guide provides regulations for selling scrap cars in Cleveland and Clark County.

Leaving an inoperable vehicle on public or private property without permission in Cleveland can result in a $300 fine, plus towing and disposal costs, as stated in Cleveland, OH Code of Ordinances: § 451.251.

Do I need to notify the DMV when I junk my car in Cleveland?

When you sell a car with Junk Car Medics in Cleveland we'll handle all the after-sale paperwork for you. You still may want to contact the local DMV to let them know your car has been sold.

Who buys junk cars in Cleveland?

Listed below are 5 junk car buyers in Cleveland.

  • Junk Car Medics (best overall)
  • Pull-A-Part
  • Cash Auto Salvage
  • The Clunker Junker
  • Cleveland Scrap Cars

Cleveland is a big city with lots of vehicles. Therefore, it should come as no surprise there are plenty of places that buy junk cars in Cleveland.

Do junkyards in Cleveland buy junk cars for cash?

Yes, auto salvage yards and junkyards in Cleveland buy junk cars. It is still best to call each junkyard and ask.

Who is the best junk car buyer in Cleveland?

The best junk car buyer in Cleveland is Junk Car Medics. Junk Car Medics works with local junkyards, towing services, online car auctions, and car buyers to get the most cash for junk cars in Cleveland.

Alternative ways to get rid of old unwanted cars in Cleveland

There are 3 main ways of getting rid of unwanted cars in Cleveland. The main way to get rid of an unwanted car is to sell it for cash. The two additional ways to dispose of your car are listed below.

  • Sell your car for parts in Cleveland - is the process of selling the vehicle's valuable parts such as the engine, transmission, and catalytic converter first to an independent buyer. You would then sell the remaining vehicle shell for scrap.
  • Donate your car in Cleveland - Donating a car involves additional paperwork to get your tax write-off, if you even qualify.

How does selling junk cars in Cleveland help the environment?

Vehicle recycling in Cleveland benefits the environment by preventing the leakage of harmful fluids and rust into the ground or water supply. Junkyards pay over $500 in cash for junk cars because they extract every functioning part and metal piece to maximize their profits. This motivates them to minimize environmental pollution caused by rusting vehicles. Additionally, recycling car parts and metal reduces the need for new material manufacturing, leading to less waste in Cleveland's manufacturing processes.

How many junk cars are recycled a year in Cleveland?

Cleveland, with its 152,520 registered vehicles, has between 1,525 and 3,050 junk cars. Given the average junk car age of 18 years, it's estimated that about 5.56% of these cars are recycled annually. Therefore, Cleveland likely recycles between 85 and 170 junk cars per year.

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