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We pay cash for cars in Columbus, OH in any condition. We buy junk cars including damaged cars and wrecked cars. Get your best offer to sell your vehicle online with free junk car removal in Columbus.

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How does it work?

  • 1. Get Your Best Offer

    Get your best offer from Columbus and national car buyers to sell your car instantly. Get started by sharing your car's VIN and condition.

  • 2. Schedule The Collection

    Accept your offer within 7 days and schedule the free collection of your car. Most vehicles are picked up within 2-72 hours.

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    3. Sell Your Car for Cash

    Get paid to sell your car on the spot with cash or check by our local carrier upon removal.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Columbus with Free Removal

Junk car selling in Columbus is the disposal of typically inoperable cars in exchange for cash. The process entails breaking down the vehicle to salvage parts and metal for recycling purposes.

Junk Car Medics buys cars in any condition with free junk car removal.

We buy junk cars in Columbus for $100 - $5,000 with most prices ranging from $200 - $1,000.

We buy inoperative and totaled vehicles as well. Junk Car Medics has been buying clunkers for top dollar in Columbus since 2015 with over $1 million dollars in payouts.

What is Cash for Cars in Columbus?

Cash for cars in Columbus is a fast way to sell any car for money. Cash for Cars in Columbus with Junk Car Medics gets you the most money for selling your vehicle no matter the condition. It's a 3-step process. First, get an offer to sell your car by sharing details about your vehicle and its condition. Next, accept your quote within 7 days and schedule the removal of your car. Lastly, our local carriers will collect your vehicle for free and pay you cash or check on the spot.

The cash for cars service covers all of the Columbus area, including Downtown, Short North, German Village, Arena District, Clintonville, Grandview Heights, University District, Victorian Village, Italian Village, and Upper Arlington. Junk Car Medics cash for cars in Columbus includes selling the following types of vehicles.

  • Old Cars - vehicles that are too old to safely drive.
  • Operational Cars - vehicles that still drive.
  • Non-Running Cars - vehicles that do not start or drive.
  • Damaged Cars - Lightly or excessively damaged cars
  • Junk (Scrap) Cars - Any type, any condition, including salvage.
  • Unwanted Cars - Any car you don't want we will buy.

10-year-old junk cars in Columbus sell for $500 - $1,500 cash, on average based on our data.

What Do I Need to Junk My Car in Columbus?

To junk your car in Columbus, Ohio you need:

  • The vehicle title
  • Your identification or driver's license

Do I need a title to sell my car in Columbus?

To sell your car to Junk Car Medics in Columbus, you must have a title. Salvage yards and scrap metal processors won't accept a vehicle without one. If you lack a title, we suggest obtaining a duplicate, as selling a car with a title typically yields an average of $227 more. The cost for a duplicate title is usually $15.

How do I get a replacement vehicle title in Columbus?

To get a duplicate vehicle title in Columbus, visit the County Clerk of Courts Title Office. For an in-person application, bring completed form BMV 3774, acceptable identification, and $15 for the title fee. If applying by mail, complete and send form BMV 3774, including the mailing address, signature, notarization, and $15 for the fee.

Can I sell a car with a lien?

No, you cannot sell a junk car (or any car) with an outstanding lien on it. In order to legally sell a vehicle, you must hold the title free and clear. Any liens must be paid off before selling any vehicle in Columbus.

How much can I sell my junk car for in Columbus?

Junk cars in Columbus are selling for $100 - $5,000 with most prices ranging from $200 - $1,000 according to our stats.

How does Junk Car Medics appraise junk cars?

The 3 main factors that determine the value of a car are the vehicle age, make and model, and whether you have the title.

Understanding Selling Junk Cars and State Regulations in Columbus

Columbus, located in central Ohio, is a major city surrounded by Dublin, Westerville, Newark, Grove City, and Springfield. The Wayne National Forest lies to the south. With a population of approximately 906,528, Columbus houses a substantial number of vehicles among Ohio's 4.65 million registered automobiles. It is estimated that around 362,700 vehicles in Columbus become junk cars due to the city's stringent laws for inoperable or unwanted vehicles.

How does Columbus define a junk vehicle?

According to Columbus, Ohio Code of Ordinance 2101.56, an "inoperable motor vehicle" is defined as a motor vehicle that exhibits certain conditions upon inspection. These conditions include missing wheels or tires, two or more flat tires, missing or broken windows, a shattered or missing windshield, missing essential parts for vehicle operation, or the absence of a license plate displaying a valid distinctive number for the current year. These criteria help to determine whether a vehicle is considered a junk vehicle in Columbus.

At Junk Car Medics, a junk car is defined as "a vehicle that, due to severe damage, age, or mechanical issues, can no longer perform its intended function of safe and reliable transportation. This includes but is not limited to vehicles that are unwanted, non-operational, or classified as salvage. These vehicles are also referred to as end-of-life vehicles."

What are the laws for selling junk cars in Columbus?

The laws for selling a junk car in Columbus are the following sections from the Columbus, OH Code of Ordinance:

  • § 2151.23: Prohibits leaving abandoned junk motor vehicles on private property for over 72 hours without permission from the property owner.
  • § 2101.55: Defines abandoned junk motor vehicles based on their condition and circumstances.
  • § 3392: Outlines legal requirements for operating junkyards.
  • § 4513.60: Regulates towing of vehicles on private residential or agricultural property in Ohio.
  • § 4513.64: Considers intentionally leaving an abandoned junk motor vehicle on private property as automatic abandonment.
  • § 355: Provides information on Ohio laws regarding abandoned and junk vehicles, including associated penalties.

Under Section 4513.64, intentionally leaving an abandoned junk motor vehicle on private property can result in misdemeanor charges and fines up to $150. Each day the violation persists is treated as a separate offense, leading to accumulating fees.

Do I need to notify the DMV when I junk my car in Columbus?

When you sell a car with Junk Car Medics in Columbus we'll handle all the after-sale paperwork for you. We'll mark the certificate "TO BE CANCELED" and forward it to the clerk of the court within 10 days.

There is no specific requirement for you, the seller, to notify the Ohio BMV in this process, though you still may want to contact the local DMV to let them know your car has been sold.

Who buys junk cars in Columbus?

Some of the junk car buyers in Columbus include the following:

  • Junk Car Medics
  • Cash For Cars - Columbus
  • Junk Car Boys - Cash For Cars Columbus
  • Fast Cash For My Junk Cars
  • Cash For Cars
  • Woody's Used Parts and Junk Cars

Do junkyards in Columbus buy junk cars for cash?

Most junkyards in Columbus buy junk cars although they may not offer the most money. It is best to get multiple offers from various junk car buyers in order to get top dollar.

Who is the best junk car buyer in Columbus?

There are many junk car buyers near you, but Junk Car Medics makes it easy for you to know the value of your car remotely, before you schedule for us to tow your junk car away. When you junk your car with Junk Car Medics junk car buyers you get multiple dealers bidding on your car to get you the best price.

Alternative ways to get rid of old unwanted cars in Columbus

There are 3 main ways of getting rid of unwanted cars in Columbus. The main way to get rid of an unwanted car is to sell it for cash. The two additional ways to dispose of your car are listed below.

  • Sell your car for parts in Columbus - is the process of selling the vehicle's valuable parts such as the engine, transmission, and catalytic converter first to an independent buyer. You would then sell the remaining vehicle shell for scrap.
  • Donate your car in Columbus - Donating a car involves additional paperwork to get your tax write-off, if you even qualify.

How does selling junk cars in Columbus help the environment?

Selling junk cars in Columbus through services like Junk Car Medics contributes to environmental preservation. These services ensure proper recycling of the junk cars, following an environmentally friendly process. The vehicle is dismantled, salvaging any usable parts, and the remaining metal is melted down and recycled. The disposal of the remaining vehicle components complies with Columbus environmental laws.

As environmental protection is highly prioritized in Columbus, motor vehicle salvage yards face substantial fines of up to $10,000 per day for environmental violations. Consequently, junkyards are meticulous in adhering to Columbus environmental regulations when disposing of vehicles.

How many junk cars are recycled a year in Columbus?

Based on the population proportion, it can be estimated that approximately 33,600 junk cars are recycled in Columbus each year. This estimation is derived from the fact that Columbus's population accounts for approximately 0.28% of the total United States population, and Recycle Nation estimates over 12 million cars are recycled annually nationwide.

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