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When you find out that you own a junk car in Dayton OH it’s incredibly overwhelming. Where are you going to put the car? Can you sell it? Is it worth any money at all? Will you be stuck with it taking up space forever?

So many questions. We have all of the answers for you at Junk Car Medics. Just give us a call (1-855-437-9728) and we can help alleviate some of the stress with our cash treatment.

Cash treatment? What’s that? Think about it, you’re carrying on with regular life in Dayton. You decide to take a day trip out to Columbus and then your car just stops working. You didn’t see it coming at all. You take it to the mechanic and he gives you an astronomical quote that you just can’t afford. We diagnose your problems and treat them by giving you up to $1000 cash (sometimes more!).  Don’t you feel better already knowing that you can get cash for junk cars in Dayton, OH? We thought so.

Don’t worry, selling your junk car couldn’t be easier

Selling a car just sounds like it would be a hassle. We do our best to make it as smooth and quick a transaction as possible. You’ll need to gather a few things before we make it official:

  • Title: Locate the title for your car. Don’t have it? Don’t worry. Go to the DMV in Dayton, OH and they can give you a replacement title document.
  • Bill of Sale: Once we get your car diagnosed and make you an offer, we’ll need to complete a bill of sale in order to finalize the deal. You can locate one online for free at the DMV website.
  • Note: When you’re filling out all of the information on the back of your car title, make sure you fill it out clearly. Otherwise, you’ll have to go to the DMV and get a replacement title so that it can be understood.

That’s it. Junk Car Medics will take care of the rest. We aim to make this process light and easy on you as possible. You’ve been through enough already. Let us diagnose your vehicles problems, put a price on them, and then pay you to get rid of them. We walk away with your headache. You walk away problem-free with a pocket of cash. What could be better?

Who will buy my junk car in Dayton, OH?

Junk Car Medics will! Not only do we diagnose your car’s problems, we pay you for them. We’re not kidding. We want your problems so much we’ll give you up to $500 cash for them. Who would have thought having junk car problems could benefit you?

Where will I get the most cash for my junk car in Dayton, OH?

Junk Car Medics pays you top dollar for your clunker. We know it’s hard to let go of something valuable, so we want to soften the blow with cash. What better way to ease the pain?

Do I need a vehicle car title to sell my car in Dayton, OH?

In order to sell your junk car in Dayton, you will need either you car title or a replacement title. The title itself has information on the back that needs to be filled out. If you do not have a title, head to the DMV for a duplicate title. This is an acceptable form of proof of ownership.

Is my junk car worth money in Dayton, OH?

It sure is. You may have been told that getting rid of your car’s problems is going to cost you money, but we disagree. There’s nothing we want more than your car’s problems. We’ll buy your junk car and the problems that come with it from you. Now you’ll be worry-free with a pocket of cash. No one loses.

Give Junk Car Medics a call right now: 1-855-437-9728. We diagnose your car’s problems and give you cash to take them away.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Dayton, OH

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
2009 Toyota Corolla 45252 10-25-2020 $930
2004 Bmw X5 45237 10-24-2020 $560
2004 FORD Excursion 43560 10-24-2020 $715
2011 Chevrolet Impala 44135 10-22-2020 $555
2007 Honda Pilot 44121 10-22-2020 $900
2011 Chevrolet Traverse 43604 10-21-2020 $555
2006 Mercedes-benz E 43608 10-21-2020 $655
2005 Mercedes-benz E 44111 10-21-2020 $545
2008 Toyota Avalon 45410 10-21-2020 $615
2006 Honda Civic 43610 10-20-2020 $545
2008 Subaru Impreza 43206 10-20-2020 $610
2006 Audi A6 45373 10-20-2020 $620
2005 Dodge Dakota 45068 10-19-2020 $780
1999 Honda Accord 43211 10-19-2020 $75
2007 Honda Odyssey 43615 10-18-2020 $545

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"Great experience! I had no idea how to get rid of my old car and needed to get rid of it quickly. I Googled how to get rid of an old car to junk and I ended up somehow looking at Junk Car Medics. It was so easy. After I read there philosophy and rules, I decided to give it a try and within 5 seconds of me submitting my information form, I received a quote for my car for $185 and I was very happy because I just wanted to get rid of the car as soon as possible. There were no hassles and everything and was done efficiently. I got a call from the junkyard and they told me that they would be picking up my car and the next day. They were there, took it away and I was very pleased with the experience. I highly recommend it. I never thought it could be this easy to junk a car." - AQ

"As effortless as selling a car can be!" - Todd T.

"It was simple and quick. Also when I called the person I spoke with was very helpful. If I ever have another car in the future I will be calling again. 👍👍👍" - Sue G.

"This company was very easy to deal with and offered the greatest value for our vehicle. The website was easy to use and we received e-mail updates of the transaction. We accepted the offer late evening and by noon the next day the tow truck had arrived to pick up the vehicle and pay the offered amount in cash. No problems - made this transaction very easy!!!!" - Marsha B.

"Great experience, everything went on smoothly. Assigned pickup driver got delayed in Dayton traffic and stayed in touch all the time which is great. So far happy with how everything went." - Abdul