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We Buy Junk Cars for Cash in Portland, OR

Do you have a sick car taking up space in your garage? Are you tired of trying to get it fixed, knowing it’s just going to break down again? If you’re ready to let your junk car go, contact the Junk Car Medics. We’ll give you cash for your car, and tow the vehicle away for free. Get your quote now! Or quote on what you can donate to a charity if you wish for the tax write-off instead.

Get Cash for Your Junk Cars in Portland

Portland is one of the most eco-friendly places in America. More people than ever are using public transportation, walking, and biking everywhere. This means that more people than ever are left with junk cars that don’t get used anymore and just take up precious space – and cost you money. If you live anywhere in central Portland, simply storing a car can be costly and inconvenient. You’ll make a good chunk of money right away and save a lot of money in the long run if you sell your junk car in Portland.

Want to know the best part? We offer free removal in Portland. Other companies will often charge you for transporting your vehicle, but not us. We believe that it’s in everyone’s best interest to pick up the vehicles for free. You never have to spend a dime when you get an offer from the Junk Car Medics!

Many people who try to sell junk cars in Portland will have difficulty trying to find reputable scrap yards that offer cash for cars. We’re the cure for shady scrap yards and poor service when you want to sell your junk car in Portland. We’ll give you the best deal on your car’s parts and scrap metal. Our expert buyers will give you more cash for your car than any of the other buyers in Multnomah County. Contact us right now, or watch our informative video to see more. Don't bother with the other auto junk yards around Portland. The Medics is all you need.

It’s Easy to Sell Your Junk Car in Portland!

Don’t waste another minute calling every junk yard in town trying to get a good deal. We’ve got you covered. Junk Car Medics are ready to go whenever you need them. Contact us now to get a free quote, and we’ll come down and fix all of your junk car woes with a double dose of cash!

No matter where you are, we can help. It doesn’t matter if your car is parked in Forest Park, or stuck in the center of Downtown Portland. We’ll come and pay you for your junk car!

If you have any questions or comments about our service, please feel free to relay them to one of our team members. We’re more than glad to diagnose any issues you might have with your car and administer a quick cure! Contact Junk Car Medics today!

Frequently Asked Questions When Selling a Junk Car in Portland, OR

Do I Have to Pay a Fee to Get a Quote?

We offer free quotes on all junk cars in Portland, Oregon. Many junk cars for cash programs require a lot of unnecessary fees, but not the Junk Car Medics. When we buy clunkers in Portland, we’re looking to get the best deal for everyone. We’re all turned off by pointless fees, so we’ve done away with them entirely!

When Can You Pick Up Junk Cars?

We can pick up the automobiles at your earliest convenience. In some cases we might be able to pick up your car the same day you get your quote. You can specify a time that you’d prefer if you’re on a tight schedule, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs. Whatever you decide, we always offer free removal in Portland.

What Do I Need to Sell My Car?

You must be present and give us the car’s title and proof of registration. We’ll remove your license plates if you haven’t done that already and take the junk car off your hands. If you sell your car to a private party in Portland, the process would be similar. It’s important that you fill out the Damage Disclosure Statement on the back of your vehicle title. Other than that, there’s almost no paperwork!

Do You Have Any Guarantees?

Here at Junk Car Medics, we care about the people we interact with every day. We offer a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make things right if you’re not satisfied.

Call us now: (855) 437-9728.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Portland, OR

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
2002 Chevrolet Cavalier 97330 09-24-2020 $95
1993 Subaru Legacy 97203 09-20-2020 $70
1994 Ford Escort 97301 09-19-2020 $65
1994 Ford Escort 97301 09-19-2020 $65
2005 Honda Civic 97128 09-19-2020 $565
2010 Hyundai Sonata 97006 09-17-2020 $810
2002 Dodge Dakota 97221 09-17-2020 $560
2005 Audi Allroad 97352 09-17-2020 $65
1988 Honda Civic 97303 09-17-2020 $65
2007 Ford Five Hundred 97367 09-13-2020 $55
2003 Toyota Corolla 97217 09-12-2020 $535
1998 Bmw 740 97236 09-07-2020 $70
2014 Kia Forte 97361 09-01-2020 $895
2001 Mazda Tribute 97317 08-31-2020 $55
2014 Ford Fiesta 97212 08-28-2020 $600

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Feedback From Recent Customers In Portland:

"2004 Ford Escape. Portland, OR. My car did not run and had been broken down for over a year. The body was in good shape but the inside had mold from moisture. There were also parts that had been removed and placed in the trunk of the car from my husband previously “trying” to fix the car and this is where it all ended was in the hands of Junk Car Medics. I called Junk Car Medics on a Friday and picked it up on the following Wednesday for $75 which was the best offer I was given after calling around. Service was great everyone was nice and between them and the tow truck driver (A+ towing from Portland, Oregon) everyone kept in contact with me. If I’m ever in a situation that I need to get rid of a car I will definitely use Junk Car Medics again and will recommend. Thanks guys." 👍 - Denyce T.

"The process was so quick and easy!" - TYRA C.

"I sold my 2001 accord for $215. Experience was exactly as described . Very satisfied." - Angela

"On time with check in hand." - Jeff R.

"I would recommend them. They came and got my junk car and the guy was nice and friendly." - Chen

"Excellent response time. Fair price . Pick up of vehicle was quick and on time . Courteous staff." - William J.

"Everything worked smooth and I got more money for my vehicle than anyone else would offer." - Brad

"After checking several different junk yards, Junk Car Medics gave me the best offer for my 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. They actually gave me double the amount another place was offering me. They were very nice and professional. I recommend them and I will use them again if needed." - Lisa S.

"The service was extremely simple and fast. From the time I received my quote to my car being towed away and paid for was 48 hrs. Can't beat that. I highly recommend using Junk Car Medics to get rid of an unwanted car or truck." - Natavia

"It was such a fast, easy experience! I accepted my offer on Monday, they came and towed my car away on Tuesday morning! No hassle, no surprises! I got exactly what they offered to pay me, which was double other junk places! I'm happy and my pockets are a little fuller! Plus, no junk car to look at in the parking space!" - Nikki V.