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Just because your car is irreparable or a lemon doesn’t mean that you have to beat yourself up over the loss. In fact, having junk cars in Allentown, PA may be a wonderful stroke of luck with Junk Car Medics in town - the best auto junk yard in Allentown.

We know that having a near-death or already dead car on your hands is a pain. We want to rectify that ailment for you. STAT. Give us a call at 1-855-587-0227 and let’s get the healing process started.

The situation may seem hopeless. That car in your yard is incredibly difficult to look at. Every morning you wake up and glance outside, you’re reminded of the thousands of dollars you’ve put into the car. Now it’s gone and you’ve lost it all. This doesn’t have to be the way this story ends. Junk Car Medics take pride in diagnosing the problems that your car has and then writing a prescription for relief… which is always cash in your pocket! Can you think of a better way to take the sting of a lost cause car away than $500 or more? Neither can we!

Let us show you how easy getting cash for junk cars in Allentown, PA is.

Now that you know it’s possible to get cash for your junk car hurry and get these few things together so that we can get this healing started!

  • Vehicle Registration: If you don’t have your registration, head to the DMV, they can help get you a replacement card.
  • Title or Proof of Ownership: Pennsylvania requires that when you sell your car, that you have your title. If you bought your car from the bank, they likely sent it to you when you paid your car off. If you bought it in cash from a dealership or private party, they gave you the title.
  • License Plates: After we settle the deal, you have to take your plates back to the local branch of the department of motor vehicles.

Getting rid of your junk car problems is really that easy. We don’t take car sickness lightly. Our car medics carefully diagnose your problem and put a price on it. $500 or more goes to you so that we can buy your problems away. Whoever said that cash couldn’t solve problems must have never had junk cars in Allentown, PA laying around. If you’re outside of the Allentown, PA area, we can still help. We offer cash for junk cars in Philadelphia, PA, too. Not only do we give you cash for your car, we also take care of the removal fee. You don’t have to pay us a dime. We take care of everything. All you need are your vehicle papers, and the desire to be problem free.

Who buys junk cars in Allentown, PA?

There are a number of junk yard in Allentown, PA, but not all of them will pay you cashyou’re your car. Junk Car Medics won’t just remove your car for free, we’ll also give you the $500 or more in cash.

Selling a Junk Car in Allentown? Here are some FAQ’s

Where can I get the most money for my junk car in Allentown, PA?

Some companies pay you for the value of your car, and if your car is literally junk, then you might worry that you won’t get any money. That’s not how we work here at Junk Car Medics. Instead of paying by value, we assess many factors when giving you a price. We give you the honest money.

Do I need my title to sell a junk car in Allentown, PA?

Yes. You will need to produce proof of ownership for your car. This is usually in the form of a title. However, if you have another document like a certificate of salvage or official court order stating that the car is your property.

Can I get money for my junk car in Allentown, PA?

You sure can. And we can give it to you. Just give us a call, and we’ll assess the problems. We solve your problems with cash.

Don’t waste another second with that problem in your backyard. Let us buy it off your hands. Call Junk Yard Medics...

Call us now: 1-855-587-0227.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Allentown, PA

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price
2005 Dodge Neon 18102 09-05-2022 $530
2006 Chevrolet Equinox 18102 08-30-2022 $530
2004 Honda CIVIC 18102 08-24-2022 $530
1998 Buick Park Avenue 18104 08-12-2022 $500
2003 Honda Accord 18103 08-10-2022 $500
1995 Volvo 940 18102 07-28-2022 $500
2004 Acura TL 18102 07-18-2022 $500
2000 Subaru Outback 18103 07-18-2022 $500
2008 Mazda MAZDA3 18104 07-13-2022 $500
2005 Mazda MAZDA3 18103 07-13-2022 $500
1992 Honda Accord 18102 07-03-2022 $550
2005 Kia Sedona 18102 06-29-2022 $550
2005 Kia Sedona 18102 06-26-2022 $550
1995 Volvo 940 18102 06-24-2022 $520
2007 Acura TL 18103 06-12-2022 $700

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Junk Car Medics works with the top junkyards in Southfield to get you the best price for your junk car.  View all the junkyards in Allentown, PA.

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