Junk Car Prices in San Francisco, CA

Interested in learning about junk car prices in the bustling city of San Francisco? Want to know how much you can get for that old vehicle and the local scrap value per ton? You’re in the perfect spot, San Francisco! Get all the details you need to maximize your earnings from junk cars right here in the Golden Gate City.

How Much to Junk My Car in San Francisco?

The value of your junk car depends on its make, model, condition, and current scrap metal prices. As of June 2024, car scrap metal prices in San Francisco range from $160 to $180 per ton. This means a 2-ton vehicle could be worth between $320 and $360 in scrap value alone. Including salvageable parts, junk cars in San Francisco can sell for anywhere from $0 to $2,690, depending on their condition and the market demand.

The average value of a junk car in San Francisco is $658.59, with a standard deviation of ± $714.46. This indicates a wide range of prices, meaning some cars sell for significantly more or less than the average.

Here’s what you can expect for average junk car values in San Francisco:

  • Toyota Camry: $270.00 (± $57.55)
  • Honda Accord: $370.00 (± $167.78)
  • Toyota Prius: $2,033.33 (± $747.42)
  • Honda Civic: $1,015.00 (± $49.50)
  • GMC Yukon: $170.00 (± $141.42)
  • Nissan Altima: $287.50 (± $60.10)
  • Infinity FX: $405.00 (± $28.28)
  • Chevrolet Avalanche: $615.00 (± $0.00)
  • Jeep Patriot: $2,025.00 (± $0.00)
  • Mercury Montego: $245.00 (± $0.00)

Using Junk Car Medics to sell a junk car in San Francisco, you can get up to $500 for scrap cars, $1,000 for junk cars with salvageable parts, and $1,500 for junk trucks and running cars. Vehicles that do not start sell for an average of $426.56, while those that start sell for an average of $881.82. Vehicles missing significant parts typically sell for their scrap value. Use our calculator for an instant estimate and to get the best possible offer for your junk car.