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That old, junky car in your yard, driveway or garage isn't doing you any good collecting dust. At the same time, though, who's going to buy it when it is worth next to nothing? If you live in Abilene, TX, and are looking to unload a junk car in exchange for cold, hard cash, we have you covered! Why continue paying to store that car when you can turn it into cash in your hands in a single day? We buy junk cars across the country, including throughout the greater Abilene area, and our process couldn't be easier.

We Buy Junk Cars in Abilene, TX

No matter where you are located in Abilene or elsewhere in West Texas, you can rely on us to take that old vehicle off of your hands quickly and easily. Our team will go to you; the primary thing that you need to do is to make that first call. From Buck Creek to Elmwood to Chimney Rock and across other neighborhoods and outlying areas throughout Taylor County, our Abilene junk car buyers will give you top dollar for your car, allowing you to squeeze every last cent of value from it.

Frequently Asked Questions When Selling a Junk Car in Abilene, TX

Looking for Abilene junk car buyers "near me?" Odds are that you have questions. Get some answers here:

1. Will you pay me cash for my junk car?

In the vast majority of cases, yes, we are able to pay cash in exchange for a junk car. We will take virtually all vehicles, so chances are that we'll take yours. The main thing that can potentially get between you and cash for that vehicle is being unable to produce the necessary documents. Our Abilene junk car buyers will work with you to help you get everything that you need.

2. Do you offer any type of guarantee?

When looking to sell a junk car in Abilene, it's normal to want to want the reassurance of a guarantee. With us, you are guaranteed to enjoy top-notch service, and you can rest assured of being given the assistance that you need to get the most for that old vehicle. You can count on receiving a fast, free quote with no obligation. You can also rely on the process being wrapped up in as little as a single day--what could be better than that?

3. How do I sell a junk car in Abilene?

Selling a junky old car is more complicated that people often realize. It is very easy to be taken for a ride by sketchy local dealers, so it's crucial to take your time to find a fair offer. Like most people, though, you probably don't have a lot of free time; that's where we come in. First, give us a call and tell us what you have. We'll give you a quote right away, and you have no obligation to proceed whatsoever. If you decide to proceed, we can typically be there the same day to pick up the car and to give you your cash.

4. Which areas of Abilene do you cover?

We literally cover every last inch of Abilene, so regardless of where you and your car are located, we have you covered. Whether you are in Park Central, Chimney Rock or another neighborhood--or even if you are more further afield out in rural areas of Taylor County--we can come tow away that junk car and hand you cold, hard cash in as little as one day. Stop tying up that money in that old beater; give us a call today to unload it once and for all.

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Recent Junk Car Offers in Abilene, TX

Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price Title Mileage Driveable?
2006 Mazda Tribute 79601 05-10-2021 $70 None 150000 No
1997 Cadillac DeVille 79601 07-18-2022 $240 Clean 100000 Yes
2004 Volvo S-40 20045 79601 10-11-2021 $60 None Unknown No
1998 Ford F-150 79601 03-10-2022 $320 Clean 250000 No
2004 Chevrolet Tahoe 79601 01-21-2021 $830 Clean 250000 Yes
2007 Chrysler Pacifica 79601 02-01-2021 $210 Clean Unknown No
2016 Ford Escape 79601 10-12-2022 $1845 Clean 179000 Yes
2011 Hyundai Elantra Touring 79601 04-15-2021 $675 Clean 98000 Yes
2003 Chevrolet Tahoe 79601 07-29-2021 $625 Clean 260000 No
1995 Ford F-150 79601 09-03-2021 $435 Clean 280000 Yes
2004 Mercury Mountaineer 79602 05-18-2021 $125 Clean 215000 Yes
2003 Chevrolet Tahoe 79602 08-08-2022 $440 Clean 320000 No
2011 Ford Fusion 79602 12-02-2021 $370 Clean 851000 Yes
2007 Ford Escape 79603 06-14-2022 $565 Clean 160000 Yes
2016 Ford F-150 79603 08-22-2022 $2190 Rebuilt 163000 No

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