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If your reading this then you probably have a junk vehicle that you intend to do away with in Austin, TX.

If so, your in luck since we buy cars for cash all across Austin. I can hear you now, why should I trust the Junk Car Medics®. The truth is we are the most reliable source out there for your needs. But what you must do is call us at (855)-437-9728 so we can earn your trust and prove that we're your leading stop for selling your vehicle for money in Austin.

Our Austin Junk Car Buyers Are Standing By Ready to Pay You Cash

When you call to ditch your cars or trucks for cash you will talk with one of our specialist junk car buyers in Austin, TX who is in tune with the regional market as well as what the going rate for junk cars is. You simply have to call and offer the year, make, and model in addition to the basic condition of the vehicle. We will then promptly provide you with a quote. It's quick and easy!

Free Towing & Removal

Typically speaking, when somebody has a clunker available it's not in the most effective of shape. Consequently, we provide top dollar junk car removal solutions in Austin, TX.
If you can not drive the vehicle to us we'll come and tow it for free with our tow trucks.

Recycle Your Car or Donate it in Austin? Call Us Now.

If you would rather donate your car to a local charity than have it recycled, give us a call and we'll also help you with that whole process. If you submit an itemized tax obligation return you can get a tax write-off for donating your junk car, however it's not about the cash it's that you are helping others.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you pay cash for junk cars in Austin, TX?

Yes, we pay cash for our junk cars in Austin, TX.

I wish to sell my junk car in Austin, when will you pick it up?

We attempt to provide same day service, but if we cannot we will pick up as soon as possible.

Do I have to be with my car when you pick it up?

Yes, we cannot grab the vehicle without you. We need you to give us the title as well as registration to make sure that it's your vehicle. We'll pay you for your junk car when we pick it up, so it's essential that you're there to receive your cash, wherever you are located in Austin, TX!

Call us Now: (855) 437-9728.

We buy junk cars in the following zip codes in Austin: 73301, 73344, 78701, 78702, 78703, 78704, 78705, 78708, 78709, 78710, 78711, 78712, 78713, 78714, 78715, 78716, 78717, 78718, 78719, 78720.

Recently Purchased Cars and Trucks in Austin

VehicleZipCodeOffer DateOffer Price
1994 Mazda 6267870407-14-2020$80
2011 Toyota Prius7870406-25-2020$710
2005 Pontiac Vibe7870206-15-2020$635
2005 Pontiac Vibe7870206-14-2020$535
2007 MINI Cooper7870306-11-2020$795
2007 Mini Cooper7870306-11-2020$870
2013 Nissan ALTIMA7870105-13-2020$935
2008 Toyota Prius7870405-04-2020$945
2008 Toyota Prius7870403-10-2020$555
2014 Chevrolet Cruze7870202-08-2020$545
2011 Chevrolet Malibu7870202-06-2020$685
2004 Toyota Corolla7870402-03-2020$885
2006 Honda CR-V7870401-07-2020$960
2012 Ford Fiesta7870512-02-2019$560
1997 Infiniti J307870211-30-2019$95

Popular Questions People Ask When Scrapping a Car for Cash to Junk Car Medics in Austin, TX

What's my car worth to Junk Car Medics?

Junk Car Medics pays fair market value for junk cars in Austin, TX. The top factors we use to determine the value of your car are:

  • The year, make, and model. If it's a newer vehicle that runs we may be able to sell it at auction and it will have a higher value.
  • How much the vehicle weighs. This is the top factor in scrapping a car as it will be bought based on current scrap car prices in Austin.
  • The demand for its parts. If there are other similar vehicles on the road locally then there's a good chance there's a high demand for used car parts and we can pay a little more.

Does Junk Car Medics pickup cars the same day in Austin, TX?

The entire process from getting an offer to getting paid takes about 37 hours on average in Austin with the typical window ranging from 2 - 48 hours. We take pride in making the process quick, easy, and painless.

Does Junk Car Medics pay cash for cars or check in Austin, TX?

The great majority of our car buyers will pay you with a check although some still pay cash for cars in Austin, TX. Check is preferred so there is a paper trail of the transaction.

Why junk your car in Austin, TX at Junk Car Medics?

Junk Car Medics is the largest junk car buyer in America. We provide a service that's fast, a price that's fair, and a sale that's painless to all of our sellers.

  • 192,000+ cars bought since 2016
  • $54,000,000 paid out to sellers like you!
  • 1-2 days (average time from getting an offer to getting paid)

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