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Cash on The Spot for Junk Cars in Savannah, GA

As the owner of a car, you have a few options when you’re ready to get rid of it. Sell it to a private buyer, dealership, auto parts dealer, junkyard, or junk car buyer. Most car owners who have tried to sell their junk car for cash in Savannah, GA to private buyers will tell you that finding a legitimate buyer with a serious offer is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Those who have tried trading their junk cars in at the dealership know they’re not going to get anywhere what the car is worth because honestly, the dealership doesn’t have a need for a car that needs too much work to function.

If you’ve called around to junkyards near you, you’ve likely been given the runaround on selling your junk car for cash in Savannah, GA. You get quoted one price and they show up with less. You are charged hidden fees, and in most instances, you have to pay for them to come pick up the car.

That leaves junk car buyers like us. Junk Car Medics is a reputable junk car buyer near you that has serviced customers in Savannah, GA and across the US. We have a network of salvage part buyers and operate our own tow trucks meaning we will not only give you the best offer for your junk car in Savannah, GA, we will also remove it for free.

We’re Experts at Buying Junk Cars in Savannah

We’ve been in business long enough to know exactly what our customers are looking for. They want a quick way to earn cash by selling their junk cars in Savannah. They also want to get the most money they can for a car that they’ve invested a lot of dough into over the years.

Our appraisers are some of the best in the business and with a few details about your car can give an accurate estimate on what your junk car is worth in Savannah. If you like the price we offer, we can come and get your junk car the same day and pay you cash on the spot for it.

We don’t just buy junk cars either. We buy used cars, old cars, cars with mechanical issues, cars with water damage, cars with transmission trouble, and even cars that no longer start. We are committed to reach you anywhere in the city. Our nationwide status allows us to service parts of Savannah including but not limited to Midtown, Cann Park, Cloverdale, Berkshire Woods, Wilshire Estates, Bingville, and more.

Here’s How Easy it is to Sell Your Junk Car in Savannah, GA

We’ve made our process so easy that our customers could get their car removed and receive cash the very same day.

Here’s what you need:
A valid driver’s license
Registration for the vehicle
Bill of sale if you don’t have title

Here’s how it works:
You gather all of the above-mentioned information.
Contact Junk Car Medics and provide details on your car such as make, model, year, and condition
Our appraisal experts will review the information and determine how much your junk car in Savannah, GA is worth.
You accept and schedule an appointment for junk car removal that is convenient for you
You sign over your title and we give you cash.

What’s standing in the way of you getting some serious cash for your junk car in Savannah, GA? You. All you have to do is gather the necessary information and give us a call. You could be a few hundred or thousand dollars richer before the day is out.

Junk Cars Recently Purchased in Savannah

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FAQ on Selling a Junk Car in Savannah, GA

Do you have to inspect the car before you make me an offer?

No, we use the information you provide us over the phone and use this to determine a quote. However, if we arrive and it’s a totally different car or the condition is worse than you described you may receive a new offer which you have a choice to accept or not.

Where can I get a copy of my registration?

Contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services for assistance

How long does it take to get the cash for my junk car?

You could have your cash in 24 hours. Depending on when you call and your availability we can buy your junk car today.

Don’t hold onto that clunker unnecessarily, especially when you can make some real cash. Instead, give Junk Car Medics a call for your free quote.

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