Cash for Junk Cars in Philadelphia, PA

We pay cash for junk cars in Philadelphia, PA in any condition. We buy junk cars including damaged cars and wrecked cars. Get your best offer to sell your vehicle online with free junk car removal in Philadelphia.

Junk Car Buyers Who Pay The Most Cash for Cars in Philadelphia

How does it work?

  • 1. Get Your Best Offer

    Get your best offer from Philadelphia and national car buyers to sell your car instantly. Get started by sharing your car's VIN and condition.

  • 2. Schedule The Collection

    Accept your offer within 7 days and schedule the free collection of your car. Most vehicles are picked up within 2-72 hours.

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    3. Sell Your Car for Cash

    Get paid to sell your car on the spot with cash or check by our local carrier upon removal.

Sell Your Junk Car for Cash in Philadelphia with Free Removal

Junk car selling in Philadelphia is how you can get rid of your old unwanted car for cash. Selling a junk car in Philadelphia involves several steps, including locating a buyer, coordinating the removal of the vehicle, and ultimately receiving cash in exchange for your scrap car. In Philadelphia, junk car buyers offer cash payments for the cars they collect, making the process convenient and financially rewarding.

Junk Car Medics buys cars in any condition with free junk car removal.

We buy junk cars in Philadelphia for $100 - $5,000 on average.

The 5 most commonly sold junk cars in Philadelphia are the Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Chevrolet Malibu, and Hyundai Sonata.

We buy non-running and totaled cars as well. Junk Car Medics has been buying clunkers for top dollar in the Philadelphia area since 2015 with over $1 million dollars in payouts.

We Pay Cash for Cars in Philadelphia in Any Condition

We pay cash for cars in Philly in any condition, including the following types.

  • Old Cars - vehicles that are too old to safely drive.
  • Operational Cars - vehicles that still drive.
  • Non-Running Cars - vehicles that do not start or drive.
  • Damaged Cars - Lightly or excessively damaged cars
  • Junk (Scrap) Cars - Any type, any condition, including salvage.
  • Unwanted Cars - Any car you don't want we will buy.

10-year-old cars in Philadelphia are selling for $500 - $1,500, on average based on our data.

What Do I Need to Junk My Car in Philadelphia?

When junking a car in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania you will need the following items.

  • The vehicle title or bill of sale
  • Your identification

Can I sell a junk car with no title in Philadelphia?

It is possible to sell your car without a title In Philadelphia. In that case, you'll need your registration and license. According to Philadelphia law, you'll need to show prove ownership of a vehicle when selling it to Junk Car Medics.

If you are trying to sell a junk car with no title we recommend getting a replacement vehicle title. Based on our experience, selling a car with the title results in $227 more, on average. The cost of a replacement title is generally $53.00.

How do I get a replacement vehicle title in Philadelphia?

To get a replacement title in Philadelphia, the vehicle owner must fill out Form MV-38O. There can't be any liens on the vehicle. Send the form to PennDOT along with a check or money order. Refer to Form MV-70S, "Bureau of Motor Vehicles Schedule of Fees." to find the fee amount.

Can I sell a car with a lien?

It is not possible to junk a car with a lien in Philadelphia. For the title to be in your name, the car must be totally paid off. It’s not you but the financial institution who owns the car if there is still money owed. The remaining balance has to be paid off to junk a car for cash in Philadelphia. It's essential to pay off any liens on a vehicle to get a replacement title in Philadelphia.

How much can I sell my junk car for in Philadelphia?

Junk cars in Philadelphia sell for $100 - $5,000 cash.  The value of your junk car depends on various factors such as the vehicle's condition, type, and weight.