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We Buy Junk Cars in Scranton in Any Condition

Junk Car Medics buys junk cars for cash in Scranton of all vehicle types and conditions. Junk Car Medics works with the leading junk car buyers to get the most cash for junk cars in Scranton. Whether your car is running or not, make selling your car for cash in Scranton quick, easy, and painless.

Wondering, “Who buys junk cars near me?” Junk Car Medics is the best vehicle recycler in Scranton. We make junkyards, individuals, and car auctions compete for your vehicle, which means we consistently get higher prices than anyone else.

As an added benefit, we have thousands of positive reviews proving our success in the industry. After purchasing more than 200,000 vehicles for more than 55 million dollars, we have perfected our junk car purchasing process to make it as easy as well as profitable as possible for you to junk your car. Our system is quick, simple, and painless. Since you can get as much as $500 cash for junk cars, you might as well get that old eyesore off of your property.

What kind of junk cars are people selling in Scranton? Junk cars could be severely damaged, perhaps because of a wreck or simply because of neglect. Many of these vehicles are completely totaled. However, vehicles with serious mechanical problems and extremely old cars are often considered to be junk vehicles as well. Sometimes these vehicles can be driven, but it wouldn’t be safe to do so.

The average junk car in Scranton:

  • is 18 years old (2004)
  • has 158,818 miles
  • has a value of $422.50

Here are some more stats on junk cars in Scranton:

  • 45% do not drive
  • 41% do not start
  • 23% have body damage
  • 9.09% have no title

We buy junk cars in Scranton in any condition - including damaged cars, wrecked cars, totaled cars, old cars, scrap cars, junkers, clunkers, and non-running cars.

Sell Your Junk Car in Scranton Now

Junk car selling in Scranton is the best way to get rid of a junk car in any condition. To sell junk cars fill out the form or give us a call now.

Where can you sell junk cars for cash in Scranton? There are all kinds of options when it comes to selling a junk vehicle. Junkyards, auto salvage yards, and private buyers all have an interest in buying junkers. Of all the options for selling junk cars, Junk Car Medics stands out as the best. We have the easiest process for selling junk cars, and most importantly, we get the most money for each vehicle.

Scranton defines a junk vehicle as inoperable or unable to be legally and safely operated on public streets under its own power. Furthermore, junk vehicles are damaged or defective in a number of ways, including having flat or missing tires or being partially or fully disassembled.

In Scranton, the removal of junk cars is essential for both the economy and the environment. Preventing vehicles from rusting away on Scranton streets is better for the community and the environment. Furthermore, when vehicles are recycled, fewer new materials need to be used, stretching out valuable resources.

Scranton has a history in coal and manufacturing, like many cities in Pennsylvania. While Scranton is far from its roots in the coal industry, this is still a city with a heavy reliance on factory work. The metal and parts in scrap cars are valuable to these industries, enabling products to be made with fewer new materials.

Recycling vehicles promptly is important to the Scranton government. According to the City of Scranton, PA / The Code / Part II, General Legislation / Vehicles, Abandoned and Junk Article II Abandoned Vehicles, an apparently abandoned vehicle may be immediately removed if the police believe it necessary. In cases in which the police choose to notify the owner, you only have five days before the vehicle is towed. The cost for towing and storage fall to you if you want to reclaim the vehicle. For this reason, it's important to have an inoperable vehicle towed quickly in Scranton.

You may assume junk vehicles which aren’t in a heavily trafficked area of town are less likely to be towed. However, Scranton works with towing companies for abandoned or inoperable vehicle towing. Therefore, towing companies are highly incentivized to tow any vehicle they can. There's a good chance towing companies moving through your area are keeping their eye out for potential junk or abandoned cars to report and potentially tow.

Even in relatively sparsely populated areas like the East Mountain or Dunmore neighborhoods near Lake Scranton, towing generally occurs quickly. Of course, towing is likely to be even quicker if you live in the Downtown, South Side, or North Scranton neighborhoods where junk vehicles stand out.

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    How to Sell Junk Car in Scranton

    Steps to scrap a car in Scranton in 4 easy steps:

    Step 1: Call us at 1-855-585-0777 or get offer online
    Step 2: Accept the best junk car offer in Scranton
    Step 3: Schedule junk car removal in Scranton
    Step 4: Get paid cash upon pickup of the junk car.

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    View the guide on how to sell junk car. Let me walk you through the steps of selling a junk car.  

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      Get an offer, accept it, and be walked through the entire process to junk cars in Scranton.

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    Junk Car Medics is a quick, easy, and painless way to sell junk cars for cash in Scranton. I invite you to get an offer to junk your car in Scranton and put our service against anyone!

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    Sell Scrap Cars for Cash in Scranton?

    Who buys junk cars in Scranton?

    Listed below are seven junk car buyers in Scranton.

    1. Junk Car Medics (best overall)
    2. Cash For Cars - Scranton
    3. Junking Cars For Cash Scranton
    4. Car's Cash For Junk Clunkers
    5. Keyser Valley Auto Wreckers
    6. Morgan Highway Auto Parts
    7. Anthracite Auto Parts

    Whether you're looking for junk cars in Scranton to pull parts from or you need to find someone who buys junk cars in Scranton so you can sell your clunker, there are a variety of options to choose from. The best places that buy junk cars offer fast, free towing and take care of the paperwork for you.

    How to choose a junk car buyer in Scranton?

    1. Responsive and helpful when providing a quote and scheduling pickup in Scranton
    2. Has all of the necessary licensing, insurance, and other paperwork required by Scranton and Pennsylvania
    3. Offers reasonable payments for junk cars and never nickel-and-dimes for expenses like towing
    4. Well-reviewed and experienced in Scranton and the surrounding areas

    Junk car buyers in Scranton are typically reputable and pleasant to work with, but not every auto scrap yard is high quality. Be careful to choose a junk car buyer who picks up your old car when they say they will. Towing occurs quickly in Scranton, so if you want to be paid instead of paying to have your car towed away, junk car buyers who offer prompt towing is most important.

    What is the best junk car buyer in Scranton?

    The best junk car buyer in Scranton is Junk Car Medics. Junk Car Medics works with local junkyards, towing services, online car auctions, and car buyers to get the most cash for junk cars in Scranton.

    Do junkyards in Scranton buy junk cars for cash?

    Yes, junkyards and auto salvage yards in Scranton buy junk cars. It is still best to call each junkyard and ask.

    Do wrecking yards in Scranton buy cars for cash?

    Yes, wrecking yards in Scranton buy cars. It is still best to call each wrecking yard and ask.

    What is the best junkyard in Scranton?

    Listed below are the five best junkyards in Scranton.

    1. Anthracite Auto Parts - Relatively small auto salvage yard that charges a fee for admission but has relatively low prices if you pull the part yourself. Prices are higher if a piece is pulled for you.
    2. D's U Pull It - Well-loved local junkyard offering a huge selection that allows you pull your own parts for a small entrance fee
    3. Denaples Auto Parts - Organized scrapyard with friendly staff who help pull the parts you need
    4. Stanton's Auto Recycling - Quick, honest recycling of both vehicles and other kinds of scrap materials
    5. Ben Weitsman of Scranton - Friendly staff and great prices on a variety of types of scrap parts and metal

    Scranton Pennsylvania has a thriving U-Pull junkyard industry. Mechanically-minded people here can rebuild nearly any vehicle by utilizing these auto scrap yards. Some junkyards are better if you know exactly what you're looking for and how to pull it yourself. Others offer more customer service. The best junkyards in Scranton provide a variety of experiences to meet different junkyard needs.

    What are scrap car prices near me in Scranton?

    The current average scrap car price in Scranton is $423.

    The most wanted junk car in Scranton is the 2008 Dodge Nitro averaging $141 cash for scrap cars. Remember that scrap car prices in Scranton fluctuate depending on several factors, so it is important to get an accurate quote from Junk Car Medics at the time of selling your junk car.

    Average Junk Car Price
    in Scranton

    Average Prices For Top 10 Junk Cars in Scranton

    Here are the 10 most popular junk cars in Scranton:

    1. 2008 Dodge Nitro - $141.25
    2. 2006 Acura MDX - $535.00
    3. 1982 Chrysler Imperial - $600.00
    4. 1994 Honda Accord - $500.00
    5. 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan - $525.00
    6. 1998 Chevrolet C/K 1500 - $560.00
    7. 2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor - $565.00
    8. 1999 Honda Civic - $610.00
    9. 2005 Infiniti G35 - $360.00
    10. 2002 GMC Envoy - $540.00

    Scranton Junk Cars With The Highest Values

    Here are the top 10 valued junk cars in Scranton

    1. Chrysler Imperial - $600.00
    2. Honda Civic - $572.50
    3. Mitsubishi Endeavor - $565.00
    4. Hyundai Azera - $560.00
    5. Chevrolet C/K 1500 - $560.00
    6. Saturn ION - $560.00
    7. Chrysler PT Cruiser - $560.00
    8. Ford Focus - $550.00
    9. GMC Envoy - $540.00
    10. Acura MDX - $535.00

    Remember that prices of junk cars fluctuate depending on several factors, it is important to get a quote from Junk Car Medics to get an accurate price for you junker in Scranton.

    What factors impact junk car values in Scranton?

    Listed below are the seven main factors that impact junk car prices and the value of junk cars in Scranton.

    1. The popularity of the vehicle in Scranton
    2. The condition of the vehicle and if it is driveable.
    3. Value of the vehicle’s parts in Scranton.
    4. The vehicle’s weight in scrap metal.
    5. Scranton scrap metal prices.
    6. If you have the State vehicle title.
    7. The location of your vehicle in Scranton.

    There are a lot of factors going into junk car prices which makes the price vary significantly day by day. One of the most significant variables in junk car prices in Scranton is whether the title is available. Pennsylvania requires a title, but you can verify ownership of a vehicle in Scranton in other ways, such as registration, bill of sale, certificate of salvage, or manufacturer certificate. However,  junk car values won't be as high without the title.

    How do junk car prices in Scranton compare to other cities?

    The average junk car price in Scranton is $423. The average junk car price in Pennsylvania is $700. Comparatively, the national average price of a junk car is $617. Therefore, Scranton pays $277 less for junk cars than the Pennsylvania average and $194 less for junk cars than the national average.

    Here are nearby cities that pay more for junk cars than Scranton:

    View recent junk car values in Scranton


    Can I sell my junk car for $500 cash in Scranton?

    Yes you can sell a junk car for $500 cash in Scranton. Junk car prices are high right now due to factors that impact the value.

    Vehicle ZipCode Offer Date Offer Price Title Mileage Driveable?
    2004 Honda Civic 18504 07-20-2022 $535 Clean 160000 Yes
    2006 Acura MDX 18504 09-10-2022 $535 Clean 201000 Yes
    2004 Chrysler PT Cruiser 18504 06-09-2022 $560 Clean 201000 No
    1995 Doge Nein 18504 11-10-2021 $550 Clean Unknown No
    2007 Ford F-150 18504 03-01-2023 $645 Clean 80000 No
    2002 Honda Odyssey 18504 02-09-2023 $555 Clean 234000 Yes
    2007 Hyundai Azera 18504 08-24-2022 $560 Clean 200000 Yes
    2013 Ford Focus 18504 12-15-2022 $605 Clean 150000 Yes
    2008 Mitsubishi Endeavor 18504 03-08-2022 $565 Clean 237000 Yes
    2006 Nissan Sentra 18504 07-25-2022 $500 Clean Unknown No
    2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse 18504 06-24-2021 $585 Clean 137000 Yes
    2006 Nissan Altima 18505 10-23-2021 $520 Clean 184000 Yes
    2002 Gmc Envoy 18505 07-08-2022 $540 Rebuilt 200000 Yes
    2002 Chevrolet Malibu 18505 04-07-2021 $510 Clean 166000 Yes
    1999 Honda Civic 18505 05-18-2022 $610 Clean 180000 No

    Diagnose Your Junk Car Woes in Scranton With Cash

    What do I need to sell my junk car in Scranton?

    To sell junk cars in Scranton one must be able to prove ownership of the vehicle. One proves ownership of a vehicle by providing the valid vehicle title in their name. If the vehicle title is missing the vehicle registration and bill of sale is required to sell junk cars in Scranton.

    Either a Pennsylvania certificate of title or a certificate of title from another state is sufficient to sell a junk car. A court order or certificate of salvage can be used to prove ownership of a vehicle and sell a junk car in Scranton. Finally, the Manufacturer Certificate/Statement of Origin is an acceptable ownership document.

    How does Scranton define a junk vehicle?

    Scranton defines a junk vehicle as defective or damaged such that it is inoperable or illegal or dangerous to drive under its own power. Missing parts, an overgrown environment, missing or flat tires, and more all may contribute to the level of damage making a vehicle a junk vehicle.

    Typically junk cars are at least 15 years old unless they have been in a wreck. They are known as scrap cars, junkers, jalopies, and decrepit cars. These vehicles may have been damaged or completely totaled. Sometimes they've been abandoned due to persistent mechanical problems or simply because they're old. The junk car definition is a little bit broad since there are so many ways a car may become inoperable.

    What are the laws around junking a car in Scranton?

    Listed below are the six main laws for recycling cars in Scranton.

    • City of Scranton, PA / The Code / Part II, General Legislation / Vehicles, Abandoned and Junk Article II Abandoned Vehicles - Forbids the abandonment of vehicles on public or private property without consent from the owner of the property and explains the penalties for abandoning vehicles or removing parts of abandoned vehicles.
    • City of Scranton, PA / The Code / Part II, General Legislation / Vehicles, Abandoned and Junk Article III Junk Vehicle Storage - Explains the laws around junk vehicle storage on private property.
    • City of Scranton, PA / The Code / Part II, General LegislationChapter 301 Junk and Junkyards - Defines junkyards and explains how they should be maintained.
    • City of Scranton, PA / The Code / Part II, General Legislation / Vehicles and Traffic Article III Towing and Storage - Explains how the City of Scranton Pennsylvania works with towing companies to enforce Scranton vehicle storage laws.
    • City of Scranton, PA / The Code / Part II, General Legislation / Vehicles, Abandoned and Junk. Article I. Words Defined - Defines junk and abandoned vehicles
    • City of Scranton, PA § 438-2 Abandonment and stripping of vehicles; penalties. - Describes the penalties around reclaiming abandoned vehicles and breaking junk car law in Scranton

    As you can see, junk car laws in Scranton are thorough and strict. This isn’t a city that allows junk vehicles to rest on the side of the road or on private property for long. At the most, you may have around a week to get rid of a clunker in Scranton.

    What is the penalty for breaking the City of Scranton, PA § 438-2 Abandonment and stripping of vehicles; penalties in Scranton?

    According to City of Scranton, PA § 438-2 Abandonment and stripping of vehicles; penalties anyone who abandons a vehicle on public or private property without the consent of the property owner can be fined $100 for the first offense, $200 for the second offense, and up to $500. For every offense thereafter, $500 is charged. When you think, “I could sell my junk car for $500 in Scranton,” it seems pretty silly to let it be towed by the city for a $500 cost.

    Can I get cash for junk cars with no title in Scranton?

    Yes, you can junk a car without a title in Scranton. A certificate of title brings in the most money, but a certificate of salvage, court order, or manufacturer certificate/statement of origin Is sufficient. Remember cash for cars without title paperwork is generally less.

    Vehicle Titles Percent Value
    Cash for Junk Cars With Title in Scranton 82% $447.50
    Cash for Junk Cars With Rebuilt Title in Scranton 9.09% $550.00
    Cash for Junk Cars With No Title in Scranton 9.09% $70.00

    Read more about junking a car without title.

    How to get a replacement title in Scranton?

    It's easy to get a replacement title in Scranton. Simply fill out Form MV-38O and mail it to PennDOT at the address listed on the form. Include a money order or check for the appropriate fees made out to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. See what needs to be paid on Form MV-70S.

    Is it a requirement to notify the DMV when you junk a car in Scranton?

    Yes, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania must be notified before selling, junking, donating, or trading a junk car in Scranton. The buyer and seller must meet at the office of an authorized agent, motor vehicle dealer, or tag service to ensure the title application is done correctly before submitting the title.

    Can I store junk cars on my property in Scranton?

    Scranton law § 438-11 Junk Vehicle Storage forbids the storing of a junk vehicle on public or private property for more than 48 continuous hours. However, it is acceptable to keep a scrap car on your property in Scranton if it is completely enclosed in a building and not visible from the street or any other property.

    Can I sell my car for parts in Scranton?

    Yes, you can sell parts from scrap cars in Scranton. You'll need to know how to remove valuable parts from old junkers and find an auto salvage yard or parts shop to sell them to.

    Follow four steps to sell a car for parts. The first step is to find out where you'll be able to sell the part. Many vehicle recyclers are willing to buy parts, but not all. It’s frustrating to spend a lot of time and effort removing a delicate part like the motor or transmission, only to realize you'll need to store it separately until you find a buyer.

    The second step is removing and cleaning the part. The better shape it's in, the more money you’re likely to get for it. Third, sell the car parts and get cash from the buyer. Fourth, when all of the parts have been sold, the remaining shell of the scrap car should be sold to a junkyard or metal recycling facility. It's easy to sell a car for parts, assuming you have the knowledge and skill required. Since Scranton allows you to keep a jalopy on your property if it's in a completely enclosed building, you can make a lot of money taking apart a car in your garage and selling the parts. More about selling a car for parts.

    Is it possible to junk a car with a lien in Scranton?

    No, it isn't possible to junk a car with a lien in Scranton. To be in your name, a vehicle must be completely paid off. The title is in the name of the financial institution who owns the car if even a small amount of money is still owed on it. The entire remaining balance must be paid before you start asking, “Where can I get cash for cars near me?”

    Common Questions When Selling Junk Cars in Scranton with JUNK CAR MEDICS

    Yes, Junk Car Medics pays cash for cars in Scranton. Junk Car Medics is known to pay more cash for cars and junk cars in Scranton compared to other junk car buyers. Sellers of junk cars will be paid with a guaranteed check at the time of vehicle removal.

    You will be paid for your junk car upon vehicle removal in Scranton unless otherwise stated ahead of time.

    Yes, Junk Car Medics offers cash for cars in Scranton regardless of what neighborhood you're in. Junk Car Medics picks up vehicles promptly in Scranton and all its neighborhoods and suburbs, including the following.

    • Minooka - Small residential neighborhood with gorgeous views of the hills and lots of historic homes
    • South side - Large neighborhood bordered by Highway 81 on one side and Highway 11 on the other, with small square blocks and cute home set close together
    • West Scranton -Large neighborhood with Keystone Creek and Lindy Creek cutting through it
    • North Scranton - Tiny neighborhood with an eclectic feel, bordering Western Field and the Scranton Parks and Recreation Department
    • Dunmore - Borough on the outskirts of Scranton with a long history in coal mining which is still evident in the historic homes there today.

    Regardless of your location in or around Scranton, feel confident of prompt junk car removal with Junk Car Medics. You need to feel confident pick up will occur well before a city-contracted tow truck shows up. After all, you'll be paid if your vehicle is picked up by Junk Car Medics, but you'll be paying for towing, storage expenses, and likely additional penalties if the car is towed by the city. With Junk Car Medics, junk car removal is available within days and often hours of getting an instant quote, regardless of where you are in Scranton.

    Yes, Junk Car Medics pays cash for junk cars in Scranton even if there isn't a title available. A certificate of salvage, court order, or manufacturer certificate/statement of origin is all required to sell a jalopy in Scranton.

    It's not recommended to junk a car without a title in Scranton, even though it is allowed. Get as much as $132 more for a junk car by filling out Form MV-38O for a duplicate title. There may be some small fees associated with getting the replacement title, but the additional money you earn on your old car with a title will be considerably more than the fee.

    Junk Car Medics relies on seven factors affecting junk car values and information on current junk car prices to build a proprietary calculator. This calculator generates appraisals for junk cars in Scranton either over the phone or online instantly.

    Get the best offer for any junker by entering in the condition and details of the vehicle. We buy junk cars in Scranton regardless of how old or decrepit they are, so don't hesitate to find out what your clunker is worth.

    Yes Junk Car Medics salvages cars in Scranton. Junk Car Medics buys salvage cars for cash and properly recycles them. Get the best price to sell a salvage car with Junk Car Medics.

    Wondering who buys junk cars in Scranton fastest? Ask anyone who has looked for car scrappers in the area, and you're likely to hear Junk Car Medics is the one to go to for the best price and the fastest towing.

    Everything to Know About The Junk Car Industry in Scranton?

    According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and, there are approximately 57,258 vehicles in Scranton Pennsylvania, based on the following calculations.

    The population of Pennsylvania is 12.96 million, while the population of Scranton is 75,874. Therefore .58% of the population of Pennsylvania lives in Scranton. There are about 9,872,078 vehicles in Pennsylvania, so assuming Scranton is representative of the general population in Pennsylvania regarding vehicle ownership, there are likely 57,258 registered vehicles in Scranton.

    1% to 2% of registered vehicles are typically junk vehicles. These are generally vehicles over18 years old and with more than 100,000 miles. A wrecked vehicle of any age may be sold to a car junker. There are over 20 junk vehicle recyclers in and around Scranton to choose from.

    Most vehicles go into the junk car industry eventually because they are so recyclable. Old vehicles are one of the most valuable recyclable resources in the United States. The junk car industry in Scranton, like in most cities, is significant.

    Scranton may have an even more robust junkyard industry because of its connections to manufacturing. Since every vehicle eventually becomes a decrepit car, end-of-life vehicles (ELV) are in steady supply, but there is even more demand. Good money can be gotten for even vehicles in terrible shape because junk cars in Pennsylvania, and specifically in Scranton, are so valuable.. Both used car parts and whole cars are in high demand here.


    When to junk a car in Scranton?

    In Scranton, you should junk a car when it meets the broad definition of a junk car according to Scranton law. Most inoperable vehicles which have any sort of damage may be considered a junk vehicle and consequently towed. Therefore, as soon as your vehicle can no longer be driven or fixed, it's time to junk it.

    Information about City of Scranton and Junk Vehicles

    Scranton is a relatively small city with a population of only 75,874, nestled between other smaller cities like Blakely, Old Forge, and Dunmore. Many of the neighborhoods throughout Scranton have lovely views of the surrounding hillsides.

    The mayor of Scranton is Paige Cognetti, and the governor of Pennsylvania is Josh Shapiro. The majority of employment in Scranton is in home health and personal care aides. Laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, and stockers and order fillers are the next most common jobs.

    Scranton has an unemployment rate of 8.7%. Compared to the US average, which is 6%, this is quite high. Future job growth in the next 10 years is lower than the US average. In Scranton, it is expected to be 26.8%, while in the US at large, it is likely to be 33.5%.

    However, Scranton has a low sales tax compared to the US average of 7.3%, at 6%, which often encourages business. The average income for Scranton residents is lower than the US average, but only by about $8,000.

    Scranton has a couple of large manufacturing companies which produce a number of goods. Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, and Hershey all have manufacturing plants in Scranton.

    There are likely about 57,258 vehicles in Scranton, of which between 570 and 1,145 are likely consider junk vehicles at any given time. The junk vehicle industry is a substantial percentage of the overall economy in Scranton thanks to the strong manufacturing industry here.

    How many junk cars are recycled a year in Scranton?

    It isn't clear how many junk cars are recycled each year in Scranton. However, because of the high demand for end-of-life vehicles in Scranton, it is likely the number is very high. After all, every vehicle reaches the end of its life eventually.

    Scranton has strict junk car towing laws and contracts with local towing companies to ensure junk vehicles are dealt with quickly and efficiently, which means it's likely even more junk vehicles are recycled here than in otherwise similar cities.

    Does cash for clunkers exist in Scranton?

    The cash for clunkers program does not exist in Scranton anymore. The program was an old program to remove junk cars and clunkers from the road. The goal was to replace old vehicles with newer vehicles that have less emissions and are better for the environment.

    How does Scranton vehicle recycling and disposal help the environment?

    The Scranton vehicle recycling and disposal system is fundamental to both the economy and the environment in Scranton. There are a lot of vehicles here, so there would be substantial pollution if they were allowed to rust away, leaching fluids and chemicals into the earth and water.

    Furthermore, since vehicles can be recycled and used to make new products in Scranton manufacturing factories, every recycled vehicle directly improves the Scranton economy and reduces Scranton's reliance on new materials.

    Can I junk my RV, motorcycle, or bicycle in Scranton?

    Junk vehicle removal in Scranton only applies to standard vehicles with a motor. Motorcycles, campers, boats, and bicycles don't fit into the highly specific junk car process, so junkyards typically don't buy them.

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