Junk Car Prices in Dallas, TX

Learn junk car prices in Dallas to be informed of how much your junk car is potentailly worth. See values of popular junk cars in Houston as well as the local scrap value per ton for vehicles.

How Much to Junk My Car in Dallas?

The value of your junk car in Dallas depends on the vehicle’s condition, make model, and current scrap metal prices. As of June 2024, scrap metal prices in Dallas range from $165 to $185 per ton. This means a 2-ton vehicle can be worth between $330 and $370 in scrap value alone.

If your car has salvageable parts, it will be worth more than scrap value. In Dallas, junk cars sell for $80 to $3,150, depending on the make and model. The average value of a junk car in the city is $612.09 (± $434.14), meaning most cars fall within this range.

Here are the average junk car values for popular models in Dallas:

  • Nissan Altima: $569.67 (± $298.54)
  • Toyota Camry: $547.92 (± $229.24)
  • Honda Accord: $468.50 (± $131.00)
  • Honda Civic: $528.57 (± $149.38)
  • Chevrolet Malibu: $512.14 (± $237.27)
  • Hyundai Elantra: $387.50 (± $195.62)
  • Toyota Avalon: $562.00 (± $134.15)
  • Toyota Corolla: $772.00 (± $494.09)
  • Chevrolet TrailBlazer: $480.00 (± $59.69)
  • Ford Focus: $806.00 (± $416.06)

Using Junk Car Medics to junk your car in Dallas, you can get up to $500 for scrap cars, $1,000 for junk cars with salvageable parts, and $1,500 for junk trucks and running cars. Vehicles that do not start sell for an average of $528.82, while those that start sell for $679.56. Cars with missing parts typically sell for their scrap value. Use our calculator for an instant estimate and find out how much your junk car is worth today.