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Get The Most Cash for Your Car in These 30 Cities

30 Cities That Pay The Most Cash for Cars [$$$]

The junk cars that we buy come from all over our great country. When we took a closer look at the car values from the many cities that supply us, we discovered the 30 cities that pay the most cash for cars.

These prices represent the average prices that we paid for the junk cars that originated in each of those “Top 30” cities.

Here they are: 

  1. Austin, Texas $516.50
  2. El Paso, Texas $490.75
  3. Bronx, New York $473.70
  4. Spring, Texas $465.51
  5. Miami, Florida $462.45
  6. Rochester, New York $458.84
  7. Chandler, Arizona $447.91
  8. Brooklyn, New York $429.54
  9. Plano, Texas $424.09
  10. Hollywood, Florida $423.32
  11. New Orleans, Louisiana $419.57
  12. Irving, Texas $419.57
  13. Houston, Texas $419.54
  14. San Diego, California $419.40
  15. Corona, California $418.04
  16. San Antonio, Texas $411.75
  17. San Francisco, California $401.89
  18. Marietta, Georgia $397.04
  19. Gilbert, Arizona $396.65
  20. Littleton, Colorado $393.28
  21. Baton Rouge, Louisiana $382.73
  22. Milwaukee, Wisconsin $379.76
  23. Dallas, Texas $373.74
  24. Atlanta, Georgia $372.23
  25. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $370.89
  26. Denver, Colorado $369.30
  27. Detroit, Michigan $368.24
  28. Fort Lauderdale, Florida $365.85
  29. Nashville, Tennessee $365.74
  30. Richmond, Virginia $365.17

What do these prices tell us?

These results reflect all of the various vehicles that were junked in each of the Top 30 cities.

Compared to some of our other junk car pricing lists, we have not eliminated certain vehicles because they brought lower prices. This is why the prices appear lower than some of our other articles of this type.

It's noteworthy that Austin is the only city that averages more than $500 cash for junk cars.

In terms of where these cities are located, they are spread all over the US. Here is the breakdown of the states where these cities are located, and how well they placed in the standings:

Texas – 8 (1st, 2nd, 4th, 9th, 12th, 13th, 16th, and 23rd places)

New York – 3 (3rd, 6th, and 8th places)

Florida – 3 (5th, 10th, and 28th places)

California – 3 (14th, 15th, and 17th places)

Arizona – 2 (7th and 19th places)

Louisiana – 2 (11th and 21st places)

Colorado – 2 (20th and 26th places)

Georgia – 2 (18th and 24th places)

Wisconsin – 1 (22nd place)
Pennsylvania – 1 (25th place)

Michigan – 1 (27th place)

Tennessee – 1 (29th place)
Virginia – 1 (30th place)

One interesting fact we can draw from all this is that the top four states (Texas, New York, Florida, and California) are also the four states with the highest population, with nearly 110 million people living within them – that’s a total of exactly one-third of the US population! This could also mean that because these four highly-populated states have so many cities within their borders, they are more likely to land on this list. Seventeen of the cities on our “Top 30” list come from these four states.

What we cannot do is attribute any specific city’s ranking on this list to its specific location. Regional pricing is just one small factor that determines what a junk car will sell for. Its weight, plus its overall condition are what largely determine its value.

Still, it is interesting that Texas has six cities in the top thirteen. Some possible reasons for this could be:

  • Texas has little or no winter weather, so vehicles are less likely to rust from road salt.
  • Pickup trucks that contain more metal than average tend to be very popular in Texas, so they bring higher prices.

What do we make of New York, which has three cities in the top eight? New York gets some severe winter weather, particularly in the upstate areas. The reasons could include:

  • The average junk car is in better condition, with more reusable parts.
  • There are higher numbers of luxury vehicles (with more valuable parts) being junked, increasing the average price paid per vehicle.

Keep in mind that these rankings reflect junk car pricing at a specific moment in time. They will likely change the next time we search out the 30 cities that pay the most cash for cars.

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