First Time Selling a Junk Car for Cash? Your Concerns Answered

It's normal to have concerns if you're selling a junk car for the first time. This is an unknown industry that you likely know little about. Plus, what you do know may not exactly encourage you to go through with the sale. We'll look at the realities behind common questions and concerns we get when we buy junk cars so you can make up your mind with both eyes open.

I heard junkyards are a scam. 

Yes, this is something of a repeated claim about the industry. Junk Car Medics certainly knows that some junkyard dealers will take advantage of customers, either by offering them very little for their car upfront or by charging nickel-and-dime fees that amount to the same thing. (For instance, they may make you an offer for the car but then tack on a fee if you need it towed.)

Sometimes, junk car businesses get a bad reputation though because of the market. If the price of metal plummets, then so too does the value of your car. That's not a scam so much as it is bad timing. Plus, the right junkyard will offer services that are every bit as valuable as the check the company cuts you.  But some junkyards are scams.

How does Junk Car Medics work?

Junk Car Medics cash for junk cars program essentially takes over the process of junking your car. When you've got a heap of scrap sitting in your garage or driveway, we take on the appraisal, the towing, and of course, the payment for it. In just a few steps, people can be free of a vehicle that they've been sitting on for years.

Our service is so efficient because we've made relationships with salvage and junkyards all over the nation. All you have to do is go online, fill out the information on your car's mileage, condition, make, model, etc., and get your offer. Once you've got the price in hand, there's no obligation to take any more steps. Schedule a tow immediately or sleep on in for a few more days — it's entirely up to you.

Does Junk Car Medics buy cars all over?

Yes. Whether your car runs or not, we have partnerships all over the United States to buy where your car is. So instead of worrying how much a tow will cost you or whether anyone in your area can give you a decent deal, why not work with a national service that has paid out millions of dollars for tens of thousands of vehicles?

How can Junk Car Medics pay the most for our cars?

Because we know the industry backwards and forwards. Not only are we working with reputable buyers, but we've also streamlined our services for the benefit of our customers. By being as efficient as possible, we save money on our end, so you get more of it.

Is junk car removal free?

The removal services are included in the price. So if you get a quote from us, you won't have to deduct the price of a tow from it. If we say that you'll get something, then that's exactly what you'll get. Plus, you won't have to worry about towing a car that may not be in the best of shape. Skip the safety concerns and let us get it out of your hair with our free junk car removal service.

The offer is too low.

We get it. Sometimes you get a figure in mind, and being offered anything less can feel like an insult. But since most of our cars are sold for scrap, we're at the mercy of national supply and demand. At least with Junk Car Medics, you can be confident that you're unlikely to get a better offer from another dealer (at least not one that doesn't come with hidden strings attached).

And while we understand the urge to sell on the private market, remember that buyers there are notorious lowballers — and that's if they show up at all.

I love my car and I don't want to sell it. 

Whether you don't want to see it sold for parts or you don't want to see it go at all, we understand. It's not easy to see a vehicle go that has served you well over time. That emotional connection is real.

But hanging onto a junk car is more than a space issue, it's also a safety hazard. From oil leaks to repair injuries, you're not doing anyone in the family any favors by keeping it.

But my dad says he can fix it! 

Yes, and how's that working out so far? Keeping a junk car around because you're sure you can do something with it is ultimately not doing anyone any favors.

More often than not, even amateur home mechanics will declare these projects not worth the time or hassle. The problem is that they actually need to first invest the time (and probably some money too) to assess what the actual problems are. And who knows how long it will take your dad to get around to it? With cars this old or damaged, it's not just a matter of tightening a distributor cap or finding the right synthetic oil.

Junk Car Medics knows that it's not always as easy as filling out a form and then waving goodbye to your car. If you have additional questions or concerns about the process, we're here to help you get them addressed.

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