Junk Car Removal: Is It Really Free?

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Junk Car RemovalWhen you’re trying to get rid of the unsightly junk car in your driveway, there’s one major obstacle that you need to overcome: getting the thing to the salvage yard! Since many junk cars don’t run -- or don’t run safely -- that means towing the car to the yard. Depending on the distance, that might be as easy as pie or rather more expensive.

This is just one more benefit of selling your junk car to a salvage yard. Salvage yards will usually tow your car so that you don't have to tow it yourself. The inexperienced seller might be intrigued by the many places that promise to remove your car for free. After all, free things are always better, right?

Sure, but don’t be fooled! There are two reasons why this is a rather misleading way to advertise.

Junk Car Removal Is Included In The Selling Price

If you’re junking your car for cash, the salvage yard may claim that they’ll even remove your car for free. But the truth is, when you go to a salvage yard and ask for an estimate for your vehicle, the cost of towing it away is already included in the figure that they give you. It’s baked into the price, so it’s not exactly “free.”

Of course, you should never go with a salvage yard that charges you extra for towing your car away. But that doesn’t mean that removal is truly free.

Junk Car Removal for Donations Should Always Be Free

On the other hand, if you decide to donate your junk car to a local charity, removal should never cost extra. Think about it -- you’re already donating a valuable item to the organization. Paying someone more money for the privilege of donating to them doesn’t make much sense. If they can’t pick up your junk car for free, find somewhere else to donate.

In short, “free” removal isn’t exactly a selling point. Still, avoiding places that charge you extra for removal is a good rule of thumb.