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Junk Car Removal

A junk car can have a lot of uses when you know how to get creative. You can turn it into a fort, and have all the neighborhood kids come over to play. You can use it as a canvas to create your next great art piece. Or you could even lend it to the local high school so they can use it to demonstrate the dangers of drunk driving.

But when you're finally tired of having it take up space on your property, there are plenty of people who would be willing to take it off your hands. So the question becomes, just how should you have your car removed? Are there free services out there that will pick a car from your small town (population: 100)? And of those that advertise they're free, can you really trust the company to keep its word when it comes down to it?

Junk Car Medics understands just how frustrating this question can be. Just a simple search online can reveal dozens of company names, some of which may not even be located anywhere near you. The reason you see so many options appear is that many companies are trying to get their name out to everyone in the nation, even if they can't fulfill all their promises.

We'll take you into the world of junk car removal, such as it is, and why you might want to be cautious before you move forward with any decisions. If you're like many people, it's all too easy to get swept up in the excitement of having your junk car taken away (especially if it's sat around for years just collecting dust). But before schedule an immediate tow truck with the first option, you might want to slow down for a moment or two.

Junk Car Medics offers free towing services to our customers after they merely answer a few questions about their car. But of course, the process is a little more complicated than that. The facts should help steer you in the right direction (even if your junk car can't because the wheel fell off a while ago).

The Dangers Of Driving Junk Cars

Chances are if you're looking to get rid of your car, it's because it doesn't entirely run the way it should. Maybe it gurgles when you try to start the engine. Sometimes it turns over, but other times it just keeps revving up only to go nowhere. Or maybe your brakes sometimes feel spongy when you try to brake too quickly, or the transmission makes an awful sound when you go over 60 miles an hour.

When your car isn't feeling up to the ride, you're putting yourself, your potential passengers, and everyone else on the road in peril. An erratic car that does what it wants may end up spinning  out of control at a pothole because of its bald tires. Or it might break down on a curve on the busiest stretch of highway.

In the simplest terms: you really shouldn't drive your junk car even if you're pretty sure you can make it to the nearest junkyard. You might be surprised at how many accidents occur when people attempt to maneuver cars that aren't in good condition.

Drivers of junk cars may be nervous about the very possibility of making it to their destination, or they may just be unfamiliar with just how much finesse it takes to coax an old clunker out of retirement. At the very least, you might be more likely to be pulled over by the local highway patrol, which can end in all kinds of violations for a junk car that's seen much better days.

Cheap Junk Car Removal

If you decide to make the right decision and avoid driving your junk car, then you have to resign yourself to getting it removed another way. But obviously, you don't want to pay for a tow truck. Your junk car has likely already eaten up plenty of time and money, and it's likely been a thorn in your side for longer than you care to admit too.

For some people, it's easy to have the car removed by nearly any salvage yard or removal service. But for many others, it's a lot more expensive to get it done. If you live in the middle of nowhere, it could very well end up costing more than you ever imagined. At that point, you would write off the idea of making any money on the car at all. Heck, you might even be grateful you didn't lose money on it.

We won't lie; where you live does make a difference in terms of how much a tow truck will cost to pick up your junk car. It will obviously take more effort to pick up a car that's 50 miles away rather than a half-mile away. Not only is it the cost of the driver's time, but it's also the cost of the wear and tear on the tow truck itself.

But there are companies out there who have worked hard at make it possible to remove junk cars from nearly anywhere in the nation. Junk Car Medics might not be able to tow your car if it lies in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean, but we have ways of getting into some literally difficult spaces so you can get out of a proverbially tight jam. And we do it without making any false promises.

The Power Of The Promise

There are a lot of ways that a junkyard company could entice you to contact their staff. There's a whole art around getting you to choose their business. First, they put themselves front and center, shouting their name at every turn so you can't really miss it. Then, by the time you call, you've already made the effort and invested the time. So you're more likely to go through with the process, even if it doesn't end up being all the website or flyer said it would be.

This whole failure to communicate can be relatively common when it comes to other car  removal services, depending on where you live. Sometimes they add an extra fee for removal up front, but other times they're not nearly as honest about it. Only once they show up do they find the time to mention the price of the pick-up. You may very well be able to refuse the service by the time they make this known, but why would you when you've already tasted the sweet freedom of you having your junk car off your hands?

Like we said, these junk car companies count on you to sink the time in so you feel the  frustration, which is why many people do just end up paying the extra fee. Once an owner makes the arrangements and finds the time to meet the tow truck driver, why would they actively want to start all over again? This is a bait-and-switch tactic that is more effective than many people would like to believe.

Why Junk Car Medics Does It Better

We've found a way to make junk car removal better, so our customers can make a little extra green off their clunker. Junk Car Medics has orchestrated an efficient way to remove cars in nearly every corner of the nation without making it our customer's problem. And we do it all while being as upfront as possible.

It's all about working the relationships we have with as many professionals around the nation as possible. We find automotive experts who are willing to make a deal with us, and then we work to make it beneficial to everyone, including our customers. The more influence we have the better leverage we have to negotiate prices. We've built a reputation that has allowed us to branch out and explore opportunities that other removal services simply can't do.

When you're not exactly getting rid of junk cars on a regular basis, it's easy to fall for the slick words of a junk car removal company. These guys are telling you that it's as easy as a phone call, but their advertisements are hiding a few facts that will end up costing you more than time and energy when all is said and done.

How Junk Car Medics Work

Junk Car Medics doesn't want you to have to go through any additional work if you don't have to. And while we won't deny that we also bake the price of junk car removal into our estimates, it's an upfront part of the price of the car. What we've managed to do is single out ways to optimize our towing services, so we don't pay a single penny more than we need to. The less we pay for removal, the more you get paid for your junk car.

It's why we can pick your car nearly anywhere in the nation, regardless of where your car happens to be. So if it absolutely refuses to start in the middle of a massive parking lot, you don't have to worry about how you're going to get it home before it's towed to somewhere far less forgiving than a Junk Car Medics' partner. And if the worst occurs and you're stranded on the  side of the road, we can likely bail you out of that bind too.

The Nature Of Junk Car Removal

Despite the fine print of free junk car removal, free removal isn't a bad thing. Some companies are happy to quote you the same price for your junk car, and then still charge you a towing fee on top of that. And even if they tell you the fee immediately long before you accept their offer, this may still be a bad idea.

Because if you were expecting to get a much higher quote because you were willing to make the towing arrangements yourself, don't be so quick to assume. You might end up getting far less than you imagined. Junk Car Medics definitely doesn't recommend choosing a company that won't come to you for free.

Their additional fees are a sign that they don't value their customer, their time, or their safety. When companies tell you to figure it out yourself, they clearly don't care what you do to bring it in. So if you do happen to end up on the side of the road because all you were simply trying to offload your junk car without the pesky towing fees, the staff will be happy to tell you that it's not their problem.

How To Get Started

If you're looking for free junk car removal services, the first thing you'll need to do is answer a  few simple questions. We'll ask for the pertinent information about your car, and all you have to do is be as detailed and honest as possible. From the mileage to the condition, we'll look at every possible angle to get you more money for your vehicle.

Once you've given us the facts, we'll get you an instant offer. This price is entirely free from strings, meaning you won't have to worry about us holding your feet to the fire in case you don't decide to go with Junk Car Medics.

If you like the price, then we're glad we were able to make your day. If you don't though, you have every right to take your vehicle somewhere else. (Again though, maybe just avoid the places that charge the extra fees for towing.)

If you do decide you want us to remove your junk car, then all we need is to confirm the details of your car and get your proof of ownership. The exact proof of ownership requirements will vary from state to state, but in general, you'll need the title at the very least. We may be able to work with you if you don't have the title, but not in every state.

To make the whole process extra smooth, we'd love for you to show us the registration, driver's license, and title all in one go. The title will need to be clean, in your name, and without any liens on it. Oh, and if you can't find the keys, no worries. We're happy to tow the car without 'em. Plenty of junk cars stopped working during the Carter administration with car keys buried under couch cushions that were hauled to the dump decades ago.

How Long Does It Take?

We're pretty fast, all things considered. Most of our transactions take place within the same day! This is a total lifesaver for people who are so stressed out by a hunk of junk that has lived on  their lawn, in their garage, or parked in the driveway. If your car has been taking up far too much real estate in their brain already, you really need to get a move on. Our lightning-fast process is made to give you a little more peace of mind, so you can free up space for something that will actually work when you need it to.

Removal Comes With Cash

We show up wherever you want us to, whether it's your home, work, or favorite fast-food restaurant drive-through. If you want to meet in a public place, we're happy to make those arrangements with you. But our trucks don't just show up with the gear they need to tow your car. No, they show up with something much better.

As soon as you hand over the title and we verify the condition of the car, we hand over a check to you. So even though your car may have left a bitter taste in your mouth, maybe the removal process will leave you feeling like you had a piece of chocolate after taking a really bitter pill.

Getting It Over With

Let's face it, you're likely never going to fix that junk car or find a better use for it. You might as well take the cash so you can move onto a new chapter in your life. Junk Car Medics has a service that will work with you under nearly any circumstances. In fact, if you're looking for a place with free removal, we're about as good as you can get unless your car is in good enough condition for a drive to the salvage yard.

As the saying goes, there's really no such thing as a free lunch. The salvage yard that tells you they'll be glad to pick up your car for free, but that doesn't really mean that they'll take it for free. The estimate they give you doesn't just include the year, make, and condition of your car. It also includes just how much it will be to pick up your car and take it back to the salvage yard's property.

So if you're going to finally make it a priority to part with your junk car, you need to find a company that has found a way to make their removal services run like clockwork. From the moment you contact us to the moment you're handed a check, you'll see why we've earned the positive reviews from our many (many) customers. It's all about giving customers real value for vehicles that seem worthless to just about everyone else.

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