How to Junk a Car – The Complete Process

Knowing how to junk a car will save you time, get you the most money, and avoid any mistakes in the process. To junk a car is the process of selling it for cash to a junk car buyer, junkyard, or other entity.

Junking your car is a simple and straightforward process. Junking your car is like selling your car.  The only difference between junking your car and selling it is the places that will buy your junk car.  Junk Car Medics makes it quick, easy, and painless to sell a junk car.

Following are the steps to junk your car.

How to Junk a Car

The steps to sell a junk car can also be used to prepare for getting rid of a junk car in other ways. One can choose to donate a junk car or scrap a junk car instead. However, selling a junk car to a junk car buyer is usually the most profitable.

Here are 5 main steps for selling a junk car.

1. Gather ownership documents and details about the junk car.

You must gather ownership documents and details about your junk car before you can solicit offers. Junk car appraisals will not be accurate and may be changed if any details about the junk car are reported inaccurately at the time of the quote. You will also need ownership documentation to sell the junk car.

The vehicle title and your car insurance policy will give you most of the details you need to sell a junk car. Locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The VIN defines the year, make, model, series or trim, features, and upgrades.

It is possible to sell a junk car without a title in most states, but you still have to prove ownership with the registration or a bill of sale documenting the chain of ownership. You will also need a lien release from your auto lender if they still show as an interest holder on the title.

2. Apply for a nonrepairable, junk, or duplicate title, if necessary.

Most states require a vehicle title for a legal junk car sale, but there are exceptions for circumstances in which a title cannot be obtained. These circumstances and the documentation required to sell junk car with no title varies by state.

It is best to get a replacement title if possible. This is because junk car buyers pay more for vehicles that have a clean title. Salvage titles, nonrepairable certificates, junk titles, or rebuilt salvage title brands can take the place of a certificate of title depending on state.

To get a duplicate title from another state, one must follow the instructions for the last state in which the vehicle was titled. Some states, like California, require junk cars to be reported as junk by applying for a nonrepairable certificate or junk title. The nonrepairable certificate takes the place of the title. It is often easier to apply for a junk title from your state of residence than to get a duplicate title from another state.

3. Remove your personal belongings.

It is unnecessary to wash or vacuum your car, but you should clean it out thoroughly to ensure you have removed all personal belongings. The trunk is full of nooks and crannies that can eat small items and are easily overlooked. While it isn’t necessary to get every piece of trash out of the junk car before selling it, you should remove as much as possible to ensure you have left nothing behind. Double check the glovebox, visors, and consoles as well to make sure you leave no papers behind with identifying information like your name or address.

4. Find the fair market value for your junk car.

There are many websites available to find the fair market value of your junk car, but the most well-known is Kelly Blue Book. The KBB will give you a range of market values for your vehicle based on the information you provide. These values are divided into categories like private buyer and trade-in. These sites do not list the value of junk cars being sold to junk car buyers, but they will give you an idea of what to expect.

Knowing how much your junk car is worth before getting junk car quotes protects you from lowball offers. It is important to know how to protect yourself when selling a junk car, especially when working with online junk car buyers. Avoid getting ripped off when selling a junk car by comparing cash offers for junk cars with the median values found through reputable appraisal sites.

5. Find reputable junk car buyers operating in your area.

There are many junk car buyers operating in your area, both locally and online. The places that buy junk cars include junkyards, salvage yards, auto wreckers, vehicle recyclers, auto dismantlers, and junk car dealers. It is necessary to narrow down the list of who buys junk cars near you by eliminating any junk car dealers that have low ratings and few or no reviews. This will still leave a long list in some areas.

To find the most reputable places that buy junk cars in your area, it is necessary to research and vet each junk car buyer to make sure that they are legitimate, environmentally responsible, and offer excellent service. Look for reviews and ratings on sites like Google, Yelp, and Trust Pilot, as well as the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs. Both of these organizations offer ratings and reviews from consumers as well as details from the BBB themselves, even when the business is not accredited by the BBB.

Is it necessary to prepare for selling a junk car before getting offers?

Yes, it is necessary to prepare for selling a junk car to have the quickest, easiest, most painless, and most rewarding experience selling junk cars for cash. You will get the most benefit from selling a junk car when you follow the steps above. Preparing for selling a junk car does not take long if you have the title. Getting a replacement title or other paperwork to sell junk cars with no title may take longer depending on the process required by that state.

Jumping the gun and getting free online junk car quotes without preparation can be a waste of time. Most cash offers for junk cars are valid for up to one week. You will have to start the process over by getting new junk car quotes if you are not prepared to sell the junk car immediately after getting offers. Junk car buyers pay more cash for junk cars with a title, so being prepared with a duplicate before getting quotes improves your offers.

When Should I Cancel the Insurance on My Junk Car?

Cancelling your car insurance is the second of the things to do after selling a junk car. You should not cancel the insurance on your junk car until it is no longer registered. It is illegal to have a registered vehicle without proof of financial responsibility in most states. Many states have reporting systems that notify the state when a car insurance policy has been cancelled. This can result in fines if you cancel the insurance before the registration.

How do I Prepare for Junk Car Removal?

Free junk car removal is included in most junk car quotes. Junk car removal is typically scheduled when you accept the cash offer from the junk car buyer. How junk car removal works varies with the junk car buyer. One should know this process and prepare for junk car removal before taking this step.

To prepare for junk car removal, one must follow 3 steps. First, have several dates and times for pick up in mind so that you can ensure you are present when the junk car is removed. Second, ensure that the vehicle is easy to get to and document any potential issues with removing the junk car. Third, schedule junk car removal when you accept the cash offer from the junk car buyer.

Can I Sell a Junk Car That Doesn't Run?

Yes, you can sell a junk car that doesn’t run. A junk car that doesn’t run still has value for its recyclable materials. A vehicle does not have to be in running condition to be easily removed by a tow operator. It is important to note any condition issues that might make towing more difficult, such as missing wheels.

Can I Sell a Junk Car Without a Title?

Yes, you can sell a junk car without a title in certain circumstances depending on state. How to sell a junk car without a title varies by state. One must prove ownership with the registration or other documents to sell a junk car without a title. The best junk car buyers will assist with the paperwork to sell junk cars with no title.

How do I Prepare for Selling a Junk Car With An Expired Registration?

There are a few options for how to prepare when selling a junk car with an expired registration. First, if you plan on driving the junk car you should renew the registration so you don't have to worry about any potential fines.

Next option is to sell the junk car with an expired registration. To do this you will need to have a valid title for the vehicle. Junk car buyers will need proof of ownership of the vehicle before you can sell your junk car to them.

Can I Remove Car Parts Before Selling a Junk Car?

Yes, you can remove car parts before selling a junk car, but you will earn a bigger profit when you sell the junk car as a whole. Selling a car for parts requires knowledge and ability to dismantle the junk car, clean the used car parts, and find buyers for the car parts. Removing and selling car parts take time and effort that many people cannot afford. Selling our junk car to a junk car buyer is faster, easier, and more rewarding.

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