how to screen junk car buyers

The process of selling a junk car can seem a little confusing, which makes it easy for salvage yards to take advantage of people. For this reason, places that pay cash for junk cars have a pretty iffy reputation. They’re often thought to be scammers and cheapskates.

However, contrary to some people’s ideas, not all places that pay cash for cars are out to scam you out of your hard-earned money. Many salvage yards are owned by people who simply want to make an honest living.

Salvage yards are quite an important business, because without them, these valuable metals and car parts could never be recycled and reused. Tons and tons of raw material comes out of these yards every year, going into products from phones to new cars, thanks to the people who work at salvage yards.

In fact, the majority of companies that pay cash for cars are run by reasonable, honest people — but you have to know how to sort the bad eggs out from the rest.

Do Your Research

The most important thing is to do your research first and be aware. If you can’t even fathom the answer to how do junk car buyers make money, then you definitely need to educate yourself more — and you’re in the right place..

Looking at junk car buyers reviews is just a first step. Once you’ve found junk car buyers nearby and given them a call, being able to immediately recognize scams will allow you to avoid a bad experience in getting cash for your junk car.

Tips To Avoid Being Conned by Junk Car Buyers

Use these tips to avoid getting screwed over.

  1. Be especially wary in the spring, which is a popular time for scams to pop up.
  2. Don’t let someone offer to take your car “as a favor to you,” without paying you anything. Car removal services exist, but every junk car is worth something, even if it’ll just be scrapped for metal. Otherwise, why would anyone want to take it?
  3. Don’t fall for bait and switch tactics. If a salvage yard promises one price, don’t let them lower the price once they show up to tow your car or once your car is already at the lot. Demand to be paid the amount that you agreed to.
  4. If an auto salvage yard offers a vague price or ballpark estimate, be wary. You need a firm price before you can go forward. Coupons and prizes don’t count–cash or check only.
  5. Similarly, you should never allow your car to be towed or sign over any paperwork until you have been paid!
  6. If a salvage yard offers to take your car without transferring the title or says they’ll handle the paperwork themselves, be suspicious. Some auto salvage yards will send you a bill for storing your car at their lot.
  7. Don’t let salvage yards charge you extra for the cost of towing. That amount should be factored into the original offer for the car.
  8. If the salvage yard is operating without a license, you should also be very cautious. There are plenty of dishonest salvage yard owners out there, and they’re happy to trick you into selling your car for near-nothing and then turn around and resell the car for profit.

Contact Junk Car Medics – Trusted Junk Car Buyers

A good rule of thumb: if you feel at all confused during the process, then proceed with caution. Scammers are very good at creating smoke and mirrors. They like to intentionally be unclear so that you’ll agree with whatever they say. It never hurts to contact multiple places for a quote — our experts here at Junk Car Medics® are happy to provide one for free.

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