We Buy Cars With Mechanical Problems

When you drive your car, you make memories. Taking your kids to school, picking up the first date, or taking a cross-country road trip with friends are pleasant memories that you create with your car. And while these are the ideal memories to have, there can also be bad ones associated with your vehicle. 

An accident, a car breakdown that calls for a tow truck rescue, or a constant need for repairs near the end of its life...  These are all memories we would rather not make with our car. Having to deal with such problems can induce financial anxieties. Even one major mechanical problem can cost thousands of dollars.

A repair estimate of this magnitude is enough to make you consider selling your car instead of fixing it. If this is the case, Junk Car Medics will make selling your vehicle easy. We buy cars with mechanical problems, and you can get an estimate from our website without leaving your computer screen! 

Common Mechanical Problems

Some of the most common mechanical problems can be prevented with regular maintenance. If the maintenance is skipped it can create major problems in the long run. Imagine having to replace tires, brakes, ball joints, belts, and an alternator all at the same time! Tires alone could cost you $600, and if the car has an abundance of miles, it may be time to consider selling the vehicle and saving your money for a new car. Here are some of the issues that may seem small if taken individually, but can really add up to put a dent in your wallet. 

1. Brakes

Repairing the brakes on your car can cost $150-$500 per axle, depending on the labor and parts that need to be replaced. This is a common mechanical problem that should be checked regularly and replaced in a preventative manner to avoid a safety hazard in the future.

2. Belts

Belts wear down and crack over time. With too much damage, a belt can break and cause even more issues, such as a lack of power steering or the inability of the alternator to charge. This can leave you in a predicament and cost $100-$300 to replace the belt or belts on your car.

3. Battery

Almost everyone has experienced a dead battery, whether first or second hand. The dreaded “click” of a car not starting is one of the most hated sounds in the world. If your car needs a new battery, it could be $150-$250 to replace. Add this to the cost of a brake job, new tires, or an alternator replacement and you may be better off saving your money and selling your car. 

4. Alternator

Alternator replacements are pretty common amongst all makes and models of cars. These parts are in constant motion any time your car is running and tend to wear out or go bad regularly. An alternator replacement could set you back $300-$600 depending on your vehicle type. If you had to have your car towed because of it, it adds even more to the repair bill. 

5. Starter

The starter is another common mechanical problem in almost all types of vehicles. Once a car has 200,000 miles on it, it has been started many times. This wear on the starter can cause it to malfunction. These are parts that could also cost anywhere from $300-$700 depending on the labor required for your vehicle. 

Major Mechanical Problems

While common mechanical problems can really add up and put a dent in the wallet, major ones can cause a big enough hit that you decide to sell. If you have a couple of thousand dollars to put toward a car repair, you probably would be better off buying something new or used without the issues your current car may have. Here are a few major mechanical problems that might be the deciding factor in finally selling your car. 

1. Transmission

A transmission replacement or rebuild could cost over $2000. This is a vital part of your vehicle, and without it, the car cannot move. What use is a car that can’t go into gear and take you where you needed to go!

2. Engine

Engine damage can be a mechanical problem not worth fixing in your car. A new engine could be $2000 without including labor to actually replace the engine in your car. Labor could be another $2000, which together could be a pretty large down payment on a new vehicle. 

3. Air Conditioning

Replacing a compressor, receiver/dryer, and all other valves and parts needed for a proper air conditioning repair can cost $1000. And while it is better than driving around in the heat, it may be time to sell the car and get something different. 

4. Power Steering 

A power steering rack and pinion may cost $700 from a parts store. If you need a pump, any pressure lines, or a gearbox replaced it could be much higher for parts alone. This is another major mechanical problem that may have you considering selling your car to Junk Car Medics. 

Use Junk Car Medics to Sell Your Car With Mechanical Problems

If your car’s mechanical problem is the reason you decide to sell your car, it doesn’t have to be the reason selling your car is hard. Dealing with low ball offers and hagglers can be a major headache when you are selling a car with a mechanical problem. Dealerships will give you the least amount possible if anything, and explaining the issues to every inquiring private buyer is time-consuming. 

Junk Car Medics will buy your car regardless of any of these mechanical problems. You can get a top-dollar estimate, have your car towed away for free if it is within our towing zone, and have a guaranteed payment within 1-2 days. Have us buy your vehicle and use the cash to purchase the new one you have had your eye on!

How Do I Get Rid of My Car with Mechanical Problems?

When you sell your car with mechanical issues to JunkCarMedics.com, we make the process as quick and efficient as possible. We know you want the car off your property and cash in your hand. The process is simple:

  1. Contact JunkCarMedics.com with details about your car (a title and registration help the process run faster).
  2. Receive a quote and schedule an appointment for junk car removal.
  3. Have your car picked up for free and receive cash in your hand the same day.

Sounds simple enough? Then what are you waiting for? Contact JunkCarMedics.com today and walk away with cash for your car with mechanical problems in a matter of days.

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