We Buy Damaged Cars

Selling a damaged vehicle is like pulling a scared 5-year-old's tooth. The moment you think you have a good grip, it jerks back and screams, making you start the whole process again. If your car is listed online, people scroll past when they see the damaged fenders or crushed door panel. When they finally do bite, they make a low ball offer citing the price to fix the damage. While a damaged vehicle is worth much less than a car in good condition, you still want to get the most out of your vehicle. Whether it is damaged from an accident, from natural elements like hail, or something else, we buy damaged cars. 

Junk Car Medics makes selling a car with damage easy while giving you the best offer for your vehicle. 

Types of Damage

There are many ways a vehicle acquires damage. Certain types of damage will have more of a negative impact on the value of the car than others. Excessive damage from an accident makes the car more likely to be totaled, while something like hail damage can often be fixed for a reasonable price or through your insurance. The location and extent of the damage are what determines how hard it might be to sell your car. Junk Car Medics will buy your vehicle even if it has some of all of these types of damages.

Hail Damage

Hail damage usually isn't that serious enough to make you want to sell your car, but it can be the final straw in your decision. It may also cause private buyers to think twice about your car if they plan to do some mechanical work and keep it on the road. Hail damage can cost $2,000 or more to fix, depending on how many times your car was hit and the size of the hail. This is often more than an insurance deductible and might be a smart decision to use them to have it fixed. However, if you decide to sell it, you probably don’t want to haggle with someone about the hail damage.

Front-end Damage

Front-end damage from a collision can quickly total a car. The body parts in the front of the car are big and expensive, such as the hood, bumper, and fenders. If the damage extends beyond the bumper and hood, the money adds up fast when you have to replace a radiator, headlights, fan, battery, hoses, and the dozens of clips and bolts that hold everything together. Accidents involving the front end are often the messiest and most expensive because of all the parts and fluids that could be destroyed during the impact. 

Body Damage

Body damage separate from the front end can also become an expensive fix or simply be an eyesore that you live with as you continue driving your car. Getting rear-ended or in a fender bender can create damage that won’t affect the ability to drive but can seriously affect the value of the vehicle. Explaining these damages and haggling over the price can become a headache when it is time to sell it or trade it in at a dealership. Using Junk Car Medics ensures you the best offer for your vehicle and avoids the headache of low ball offers. 

Frame Damage

Frame damage is a serious issue that will total a car by itself. It would take a serious impact to cause frame damage, and often it is the result of rolling the car or a significant accident. It would be almost impossible to sell a car with frame damage except for a scrap or salvage vehicle. Dealing with salvage yards can be difficult and will usually gain you the lowest possible offer for your car. 

Window Damage

Have you ever parked near a baseball field and came outside to a shattered windshield? The baseball team or stadium is often nice enough to cover this, otherwise, you’ll find out a windshield replacement can range from $200-$800. This depends on the type of windshield and technology included. Side windows can be a couple of hundred dollars each, and in many accidents, more than one window may be broken. You can’t drive the car if you can’t see out of the windshield, but you can sell it to Junk Car Medics. 

Rust Damage

Rust damage occurs on cars when they are exposed to water consistently throughout the seasons. It is common in vehicles with high mileage that are in areas with more precipitation, especially snow and ice. The mixture of the water and the salt put on the roads to melt ice is a dangerous combination for metal. Rust will form on the frame, body panels, floorboards, and other metal areas in the car. 

Dents and Dings

Other dents and dings your car acquires throughout its life are inevitable. From door dings in the Wal-Mart parking lot to scratches from driving through some rugged terrain, everything takes its toll on the value of your car. Despite having some damage, you still deserve the easiest way to sell your car for the best price. Don’t waste your time and health stressing about selling a damaged car. You can call Junk Car Medics and get a quote and sell your car within a matter of days.