We Buy Salvage Cars

The status of a car’s title is very important when buying or selling a car. A vehicle that is determined to be totaled is worth significantly less than one with a clean title. According to Kelley Blue Book, it is common to deduct 20-40% from the value of the car if it has a salvage title. A buyer will undoubtedly shoot for the higher end of that, or even higher if they can. Getting that salvage car for as cheap as possible is the secret to making some money on the back end or saving money on the restoration. Because of this, selling a car with a salvage title can be a nightmare. Lucky for you, we buy salvage cars. Junk Car Medics will give you the best offer for your salvage vehicle and make selling it an easy experience. 

What is a salvage car?

A car is considered to be a salvage if it has suffered damage totaling up to 60% of the car’s value. After the damage is reported by the insurance company to the tag agency, you will be issued a salvage title. The title will specify if it was a flood, fire, accident, or a different type of damage. These cars usually end up as scrap metal or parts cars. They are illegal to drive on the road unless they pass certain inspections imposed by the state government. 

What can you do with a salvage car?

Owning a salvage car presents you with three options. You can restore the vehicle and pass inspections to put it back on the road; you can scrap the car and sell off the parts; or you can sell the car. Restoring the car or stripping it for parts both require mechanical skill and knowledge. You will also need the tools and equipment needed to remove parts and replace them. If you don’t have the tools and skills, you will end up losing money or wasting time on your salvage car. That presents option three. 

Selling your salvage car can be a difficult task. If you try a private seller, you will have to accept a very low offer if you even get any. People typically pass over buying cars if they see it has a salvage title. Most car shoppers on websites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist are looking for a car to drive daily. 

If you choose to sell to a junk or salvage yard, it is important to avoid any scams that a shady company may try to pull. Make sure you do your research and choose a reputable scrap yard before selling your car. You could also use Junk Car Medics, which makes the process easy. 

Why sell your car to Junk Car Medics?

With so many salvage yards or junk buying companies out there, why should you sell your car to Junk Car Medics? We will provide you will the best customer service and give you a fair quote for the value of your car. You can get a quote online or by calling our office. We have locations all over the United States, which allows you to sell your car from anywhere and have it retrieved promptly. So, if you are tired of looking at the weeds grow around your salvage car that you have no plans of rebuilding, get a quote from Junk Car Medics today

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