We Buy Damaged Cars for Cash

“Who buys damaged cars near me?” is a question we know many junk car owners ask themselves constantly. People usually buy cars for functionality and prestige. That’s why when you sell damaged car it can be a nightmare. So we have great news. Junk Car Medics buys damaged cars in whatever condition they might be and we actually come and collect it from you.

Sell My Damaged CarPerhaps the transmission is dead or the engine is blown. Maybe it’s an old car or one that took extensive damage after a collision. Chances are your car was totaled but you opted out from full coverage meaning the insurance company didn’t cater for your damaged car’s repair. Now you are stuck with a car that nobody will buy because it will cost too much to make it driveable.

It’s not good enough to sell it to a car dealer and yet it isn’t bad enough to just discard. To make matters worse, you might imagine that the only way to dump your salvage car is to call a towing company and pay them to take the car to a scrap yard. That’s another cost for what to you now is simply a collection of metal parts.

Junk Car Medics will help you say goodbye to your pain as we buy damaged cars for cash. That totaled car may be an eyesore to you and feel like a complete waste of time, money and space. To us, it’s a goldmine. We wake up every day excited about where our next junk car treasure will come from.

No damaged car is outside our scope. We have handled so many wrecked cars over the years that we have become experts in salvage car extraction irrespective of what physical state the vehicle is in. Many times the damaged cars we buy do not even have wheels. That doesn’t stop us from efficiently removing them.

Call us for free today and we will work out a quote on your car so we can get the process of selling a wrecked car for salvage started. The best part? No hidden fees when we buy damaged cars. Many of our purchase transactions are completed in under 2 hours but most do not exceed 24 hours. All that we’ll need are your car keys and title. The vehicle may not have the same value it did when it was new but that does not mean you should abandon it or give it away for free

We Buy Damaged Cars Near You! Sell Us Yours Today by Calling (855) 437-9728

Are you ready to sell your damaged car? Don’t wait one day longer. Let us get that burden out of your hands once and for all. It has never been this easy to find someone to sell damaged car to. While we have presence all over the United States, we are the quintessential local company in every city we operate in and offer a personalized service.

Owners of damaged cars rightfully cannot see the rationale for spending money to get rid of their junk car. Who wants to fork out hundreds or thousands of dollars on a vehicle they don’t intend to drive? It’s a money pit. You don’t have to wonder what to do anymore. Junk Car Medics is the best deal in town when it’s time to sell damaged car to junk yard.