Transferring Ownership of Junk Car

How to Transfer Ownership After Selling a Junk Car

Junk Car Medics is happy to take your old clunker and give some cash for it. We're here to make the process as simple as possible for you. Between our easy quotes and reputable network of partners, we streamline whenever and wherever possible.

Of course, we can't absolve you of all responsibility. There are a couple of steps you'll need to follow once the vehicle is out of your life forever. Here, we tell you more about what you need to do after you junk your car with us.

How to Transfer Ownership After You Sell Your Junk Car?

To transfer ownership after you sell your junk car you first would need to transfer the title over to the new junk car buyer. If you do not have a title, the junk car buyer will assist you on how to transfer ownership. The next step will be to contact your local DMV to let them know about the sale of your junk car and that the title has been transferred.

Here's what you need to do for us to buy your junk car.

License Plates

We're not going to take your plates just to crush them into oblivion along with the rest of your junk car. You'll need to either turn them into the DMV or have them transferred to another vehicle.

It's usually easier and more affordable to transfer plates rather than getting new ones. Every state has its own way of doing things, so you might want to call your local DMV to see what paperwork they need. Some regions are more lenient than others, particularly if you're only selling your car for the metal.


No point in insuring a car that's about to get scrapped. Make sure that you cancel your policy as soon as we pick up the car. Most insurance companies will prorate the premium based on how many days the policy was in effect, though some might charge a cancellation fee.

By this point, you'll have already signed over the title to us based on your state's regulations, and the responsibility (and, more importantly, financial liability) is no longer yours to shoulder.

Turning Over Your Car at Removal Time

There's a lot to do if you're going to sell your car with a private buyer. Thankfully, if your car's old or damaged enough, there's not nearly as much to keep track of if you want to junk your car. At Junk Car Medics, we can answer any questions you have before, during, and after the sale. As long as you're taking care of a few key details, you should be in good shape after you sell the car.  Junk car removal is free with Junk Car Medics.

What Happens To My Junk Car After I Transfer Ownership?

There are a few things that can happen to your junk car after you transfer ownership. First, the junk car buyer will tow away your vehicle to their junkyard. Next, the buyer will determine if the vehicle is in good enough condition and affordable to fix, to then try and resell it.

If it is not going to be resold, the vehicle will be stripped down to its usable car parts and the parts will then be sold separately. The last thing that will happen after you transfer ownership of the junk car is the car will be recycled and sold for its price in scrap metal.