Sell My Junk BMW 5-Series

We Buy BMW 5-series CarsHow Much Will I Get For Selling my Junk BMW 5-Series?
You can earn anywhere from $500 from to $6000 for your junk BMW 5-Series from us. This vehicle has a curb weight of 3,714 pounds. Most of its value, however, comes from the various parts and components that BMWs typically feature. These parts and components can be difficult or impossible to find otherwise, making junk BMW 5-Series cars valuable on the secondhand market.

Junk car buyers like us make a living off of buying junk cars like these and recycling their components for profit. To do this, we need to generate expert appraisals reliably. We do this by examining some of the following factors:

• The car’s condition;
• The car’s mileage;
• The age of the car;
• Local scrap metal prices;
• The curb weight of the car.

Our expert appraisers are already aware of the car’s curb weight, and we can assess a portion of the vehicle’s value by its age, but we need to know the condition and mileage of the car from you. If you have a junk BMW 5-Series you’d like to get rid of, we can offer you instant cash for the vehicle. We offer up to $10,000 for running cars in good condition, so feel free to ask us for a quote today.

History of the BMW 5-Series: Why This Car?

BMW’s flagship mid-size sedan is one of the best selling cars in its class. It’s also BMW’s second best-selling model, just behind the BMW 3-Series. This model has had years where its sales produced almost 50% of BMW’s profits.

The very first BMW 5-Series cars came onto the market in 1972. The car underwent numerous changes and upgrades since then, with the modern shape and form of the car coming into being with the fourth generation 5-Series, released in 1995. In 2004, BMW updated the model drastically, creating a model that, despite receiving critical reviews, went on to include some of the best-selling model years in the history of the 5-Series.

Recent Offers Made for BMW 5-Series Cars:

2004 BMW 530i


2010 Bmw 535


2008 Bmw 535


2009 Bmw 535


2008 Bmw 535


2009 Bmw 535


2009 Bmw 535


2008 Bmw 535


2008 Bmw 535


2008 Bmw 535


2009 Bmw 535


1986 BMW 535i


2003 BMW 540i


2000 BMW 540i


Should I Sell My Junk BMW 5-Series for Cash?

You could earn considerable cash by selling your BMW 5-Series, especially if it is a newer model. Special components, features and interfaces like the iDrive interface can earn a significant return since new versions of these parts are often expensive and difficult to find.

If you have a damaged BMW 5-Series, you might be considering the idea of repairing and selling the vehicle on the used market. This might seem like it nets you more profit in the end, but this depends on the price of repairs. To find out whether this is a good idea or not, compare the price of repairs with the value of your junk BMW 5-Series as-is. You may find that the best return comes when you sell your car for cash to us —and we’ll save you time, too!

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