Sell My Junk Buick Century

What Can I Expect From Selling My Junk Buick Century for Cash?
Junk car buyers like us look at a few different factors when making offers to buy Junk Buick Century vehicles for cash. The Buick Century weighs a bit more than your average mid-size sedan, with a curb weight of between 3,130 and 3,425 pounds. As a result, you can expect a payday of anywhere between $200 and $800 for a car of this type. We Buy Buick Centuries

The price you get for your Buick Century can change depending on five factors:

• The condition of the car;
• The number of miles it has;
• The car’s curb weight;
• Local scrap metal prices;
• The age of the car.

Our appraisers and Junk Car Medics are willing to pay up o $10,000 for used and junk cars in any condition. If you own a Buick Century in driveable condition and are looking to sell it for immediate cash, you can get a great deal by selling it to us. Our appraisers are always happy to pay top-dollar for old, used, worn out or damaged cars.

Why The Buick Century?

General Motors created the Buick Century line in 1936, with the idea of making it the first car capable of reaching a speed of 100 miles per hour, which was called “doing the century” at the time. The model underwent many changed throughout the years, being discontinued and revived several times before the nameplate stuck onto a vehicle manufactured in 1973.

The modern Buick Century started out with the look and appeal of a muscle car, but was downsized throughout the years to compete with Japanese cars that became popular in the 1980s. The last redesign of the Century line occurred in 1997, when the car took a backseat in features to the Buick Regal, which became the more luxurious 4-door sedan nameplate of the two until the line was discontinued in 2005.

The Modern Buick Century Began Production More Than Forty Years Ago:
• 1973 Buick Century
• 1974 Buick Century
• 1975 Buick Century
• 1976 Buick Century
• 1977 Buick Century
• 1978 Buick Century
• 1979 Buick Century
• 1980 Buick Century
• 1981 Buick Century
• 1982 Buick Century
• 1983 Buick Century
• 1984 Buick Century
• 1985 Buick Century
• 1986 Buick Century
• 1987 Buick Century
• 1988 Buick Century
• 1989 Buick Century
• 1990 Buick Century
• 1991 Buick Century
• 1992 Buick Century
• 1993 Buick Century
• 1994 Buick Century
• 1995 Buick Century
• 1996 Buick Century
• 1997 Buick Century
• 1998 Buick Century
• 1999 Buick Century
• 2000 Buick Century
• 2001 Buick Century
• 2002 Buick Century
• 2003 Buick Century
• 2004 Buick Century
• 2005 Buick Century

Is It Time To Sell My Junk Buick Century?

The main thing you should consider before junking your Buick Century is what kind of damage it has and how expensive repairs may be. Generally, selling your junk car for cash makes the most sense when repairs cost more than the value of the car. If your Buick Century is too damaged to yield a profit on the used car market, we will pay you cash for it on the spot.

You may be able to make more money from selling your Buick Century for cash if it has functional components that are in high demand. For example, RepairPal notes that these vehicles commonly feature faulty power window switches—a junk car with functional ones will yield more on the scrap market because of this. The same goes for the Century’s water pump, transmission pressure control solenoid and high-pressure power steering hose.

Find out how much you can make from selling your Buick Century by calling us and asking for a quote today.

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