Sell My Junk Cargo Van

We Buy Cargo VansHow Much Will I Get For My Junk Cargo Van?
Cargo vans like the Ford Transit, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Nissan NV and Dodge Ram ProMaster tend to offer great payouts to their owners on the junk car market. With curb weights generally in the range of 5,000 pounds, they have enough heft to command a good price from scrap metal alone, but salvageable parts and more can increase that price considerably. You can expect to get between $450 and $6000 for a junk cargo van. appraises, buys and tows junk cargo vans on a regular basis. Generally, we look at these pieces of information when determining how much a van is worth:

• The vehicle’s weight;
• The vehicle’s mileage;
• The condition of the van;
• Its make and model;
• Local scrap prices.

All of these elements combine to produce a base price that can then be boosted by the presence of useful accessories or components. If your cargo van has salvageable parts, it may command a higher price on the junk car market. We’re willing to pay up to $10,000 for vehicles of this kind, so give us a call and sell your car today.

Information About Cargo Vans from Various Brands

Cargo vans have their origins in the 1950s, with the Sedan Deliveries commonly used in that era to transport goods. Soon thereafter, the Volkswagen Type 2 codified what the first generations of cargo vans would be; a long, narrow and compact car designed to maximize its interior space. Before the Volkswagen bus, now commonly known as the hippie van, entered the market, cargo vans typically featured rear-mounted engines, similar in placement to that of a school bus.

In 1971, Dodge released a commuter van capable of seating 15 passengers, catering to brand new market segment that included businesses such as hotels and airports who frequently needed to transport small groups of people. After this, the market proliferated and vans became commonly in use, with mail delivery companies like USPS and FedEx using step vans and plumbers or carpet cleaners using specialized equipment vans for their businesses.

We are happy to purchase any cargo van on the market, new or old, running or not. Just give us a call and get a quote on your van from one of our specialists!

Should I Sell My Junk Cargo Van?

If you own a damaged or worn out cargo van, deciding whether to sell it is as simple as determining how much it would cost to completely repair the vehicle. Once you have that figure, ask one of our appraisers for a quote on immediately selling your van for cash. If the cost of repairing the vehicle is higher than the value of the vehicle itself, you’re better off selling it to us as-is.

The same logic applies to business cargo vans or fleets of unused vehicles. At Junk Car Medics, we have the resources and the network necessary to purchase multiple cargo vans at a time. If you are looking for a quick way to boost your company’s bottom line, free up valuable parking space and get rid of some old, damaged cargo vans, give us a call.

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