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Sell Your Damaged Car Fast and Easy

You’ve got this damaged car taking up space in your driveway, and you have no idea what to do with it.

Sure, you could take it to a dealership, but if the car is not in working order, or is damaged so much that repairs will cost you more, chances are you’ll be offered peanuts for a car that you put a lot of money and work into.

“How can I sell my damaged car?” Luckily, we have the answer to this question. is a top-rated junk car buyer, that will take your damaged car off your hands – for cash.

That’s right. No matter how beat up, worn down, or damaged your car is, we will offer you top dollar for it. With free removal and cash in hand upon pickup, you can easily kill two birds with one stone: get rid of your damaged car and make some extra cash in the process.

Who Buys Damaged Cars Near Me?

That damaged car parked in front of your home is an eyesore. Not only that, but it’s costing you money. Having to keep the car registered and insured as required by law can really add up.

Rather than shelling out cash for a damaged car that’s barely running or, even worse, not running at all, let take the car off your hands. We have a reputation for offering top dollar for your junk car.

Wondering why we’re the best place to sell your damaged car for cash?

  • We serve customers looking to sell their damaged car across the US
  • We only work with licensed and insured auto salvage yards
  • We are a full-service junk car buyer
  • We offer free removal of your damaged car in most cases
  • We will remove your damaged car within 24 hours (possibly even on a Sunday!).
  • We use environmentally safe methods for recycling damaged cars
  • We pay you cash in hand

No more wondering, “can I sell my car online, damaged as it is?”, because you can sell any car. Now all you have to do is pick up the phone and receive your free quote.

What is My Damaged Car Worth?

If you’ve done your research on how to sell your damaged car, you’ve likely seen the various options.

One is to trade in your damaged car, which in most cases won’t warrant much value.

Another is having your damaged car towed to a junkyard, but that will require you to pay for towing.

Yet another option is selling your damaged car online, but that can take a lot of time and still may not warrant much profit if it is seriously damaged or old.

We understand the struggles of trying to sell your damaged car. Therefore, we offer top dollar for it. We determine what your car is worth, not based on age or condition, but by weight offers top dollar for:

  • Damaged cars
  • Totaled cars
  • Flooded cars
  • Wrecked cars
  • Used cars

All you need is a valid title and registration (Don’t have a title? We may still be able to purchase your vehicle)! We’ll take care of the rest.

Contact Us Today at (855) 437-9728 and Receive a Quote for Your Damaged Car

Don’t go another day staring at the old damaged car in front of your house. is a pioneer in the damaged car buying industry and we will offer you top dollar for your car. With easy and free over the phone quotes, you could have your car towed and cash in your hands in a matter of days.

Give us a call today to schedule an appointment and get rid of that damaged car.

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