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How Much Cash Will My Junk Datsun Get Me?
Are you so awesome that you have a classic Datsun vehicle in your yard? Sell your Datsun to us now. We love the classics. The name of our business is Junk Car Medics, and we specialize in buying cars of all types. We are not tied up with a whole bunch of other projects like other car buyers are, however. No, we have all the time in the world for you because all we do is buy cars. There is no shame in our game and no crooks in the road. You might be able to get cash in your hands today if you call us today. Furthermore, we’ll provide you with free towing. You shouldn't have to stress or strain. Getting cash for your car should be effortless.

I Want to Sell My Car. Does It Matter That It Looks Like Junk?

Is your Datsun pristine in appearance and performance, or is your Datsun looking scraggly and in need of some TLC? The beauty about our business is that we do not operate based upon looks, make, year, model or even whether the vehicles start or not. We can find some good uses for vehicles no matter what condition they are in. Therefore, we calculate the vehicle’s value according to the scrap metal prices and then we take it from there. Your Datsun could be in many different weight classes but the average weight is about 3,500 pounds.

Which Would You Rather Do?

Would you rather sit inside of a hot car for three hours hoping that someone will ride by and see your “for sale” sign, or would you rather receive a real offer within 15 minutes? Would you rather take off of work only to get stood up for a sale, or would you rather get a visit from one our specialists who will put your cash right in your hand? We think we know the obvious answer to these questions. The whole process is so much easier with us than it is with other companies. We are truly on your side and want you have the best of everything.

Recent Offers Made for Datsun Vehicles:

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Give us a call to get the process started of getting some well deserved cash into the palms of your hands. All you need to do is contact us to sell your Datsun. Our number is 855-587-0227. Alternatively, you can complete the short form, and we will call you back on that.

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