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We Buy Ford 500 VehiclesHow Much Cash Will My Junk Ford 500 Get Me?
Remember that fresh, new car smell of your Ford 500 back in the day? Remember the pride you felt when you drove that conservative but smart-looking machine off of the showroom floor? Those were the days before the throttle body of the engine started to malfunction. Those were the days before the transmission started slipping to the point that you had to replace it at a tune of $3,575! Those were the days before you looked at your pride and joy in utter frustration!

You might be wondering: "Where do I go from here?" Let your car serve you one more time by turning it into cash money! We at Junk Car Medics will service you by taking your jalopy off your hands and in return give you plenty of currency for it.

What if you cannot drive your vehicle? That will not present any problems--we shall pick it up free of charge. We will take your Ford 500 (or the Lincoln-Mercury's version of the Ford 500--the Mercury Montego) in any condition, functioning or not.

How do we do our magic? It is quite simple. Payment of your vehicle will depend mainly upon its weight, age, and condition. Most Ford 500 models curb weights are between 3,643 pounds to 3,825 pounds. The Mercury Montego models curb weights range between 3,650 pounds and 3,818 pounds. Other factors that will determine the price of your car would be how many miles it has obtained over the years as well as the price for scrapping it.

You could try to handle the disposal of the vehicle on your own, but why go through all the hassle? With a trade-in at a dealership, you will not get the full worth of the automobile plus you have to pay for it to be transported to most distributors. That would be more money out of your pocket. You could try selling it on your own, but are you alright with inviting complete strangers to your house?

With our company, you will not have to worry about such details. You will not spend any money to take your car to our place of business. The best part is that we will give you the finest rate possible for your vehicle.

Recent Offers Made for Ford 500 Cars:

Now here is the deal. You can continue to allow your former slice of heaven to sit in the garage, driveway, yard or on the curb to deteriorate. Or you can call Junk Car Medics at (855) 587-0227 to get one of the best opportunities of your life! If you do not want to call, then text us! If you do not want to do either action, go to our website at to get the financial estimate of your bucket of bolts! Do not delay and watch your asset further depreciate! Contact us now and sell your car today.

Call (855) 587-0227 or request a quote online to sell your Ford 500 or your Mercury Montego.

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