Sell My Junk GMC Jimmy

We Buy GMC Jimmy TrucksHow Much Cash Will My Junk GMC Jimmy Get Me?
Will there even be interest if I sell my car for cash?

Here's the Deal

You know that you GMC Jimmy is too damaged to drive and taking up way too much space in the backyard. There is no way, unless by way of a miracle, that you will ever raise enough money to get the clunker fixed. Why, then, are you holding on to a hidden treasure instead of trying to sell your GMC Jimmy?


We know that you don't want to part with your precious jewel. After all, your Jimmy has gotten you through the good, bad, and ugly parts of life. What justice, though, is there in leaving your immobile truck to rot?

So What's the Bottom Line?

We want to buy your damaged GMC Jimmy. Our prices are good, and we accept your vehicle in its present condition.

Let's be honest. The average buyer will typically accept your damaged Jimmy only if you do the following:

Agree to lower the price of the vehicle;
Make repairs before finalizing the deal;
Fix the truck and lower the asking price.

You still may have a hard time convincing the average buyer to take the bait if there is significant damage that may cost thousands to repair even if you reduce the price to less than half of what the vehicle is worth. Things can get even more complicated if your car has a salvaged title as many consumers see such classification as the end of an automobile's life.

The good news is that we are not like the rest. We accept your vehicle in its good, bad, or ugly condition. A salvaged title does not scare us away but rather peaks our interest.

You Might Be Wondering

How do we come up with the price? We're glad you asked. Our quotes are based on the following:

Age of the car;
Condition of the vehicle;
Local scrap metal prices.

A newer Jimmy that is lightly damaged will more than likely get a higher bid than an older truck in need of significant repair. An older Jimmy may, however, hold greater value than its new counterpart if metals used to make the ancient vehicle are in demand.

This is Crazy

If we are willing to pay cash for clunkers, then why can't you sell your GMC Jimmy on your own? That's a good question.

Sure, you can always take the time to craft an enticing listing that will be counted among the masses on Craigslist. Perhaps someone will show interest in your ad three or six months later.

We are telling you that we see your vehicle's value now and want to purchase your truck now. What's crazy about that?

It Gets Better

Recent Offers Made for GMC Jimmy Trucks:

1991 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 48342
Offer Price: $875
Offer Date: 11-05-2019

2001 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 55433
Offer Price: $70
Offer Date: 10-26-2019

2001 GMC Jimmy

Zip: 49073
Offer Price: $70
Offer Date: 10-13-2019

1980 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 91306
Offer Price: $70
Offer Date: 10-11-2019

1996 GMC Jimmy

Zip: 85032
Offer Price: $55
Offer Date: 10-05-2019

2000 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 78550
Offer Price: $645
Offer Date: 10-05-2019

1998 GMC Jimmy

Zip: 77084
Offer Price: $70
Offer Date: 09-28-2019

1988 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 75442
Offer Price: $55
Offer Date: 09-24-2019

1999 GMC Jimmy

Zip: 46979
Offer Price: $60
Offer Date: 09-24-2019

2000 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 93555
Offer Price: $80
Offer Date: 09-12-2019

2000 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 46567
Offer Price: $90
Offer Date: 09-05-2019

2000 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 89110
Offer Price: $75
Offer Date: 09-04-2019

1984 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 94080
Offer Price: $65
Offer Date: 08-31-2019

2001 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 14120
Offer Price: $60
Offer Date: 08-30-2019

2000 Gmc Jimmy

Zip: 03447
Offer Price: $90
Offer Date: 08-27-2019

Want to Know the Best Part?

Junk Car Medics® specializes in damaged and worn vehicles. We are always willing and waiting to offer the best quote for your car regardless of its condition. Our aim is to get you paid, which is why our process is fast and straightforward.

You know that you want to sell your GMC Jimmy so that you can get a new set of wheels. So why haven't you called us?

Call (855) 437-9728 or request a quote online to sell your GMC Jimmy.