Sell My Junk GMC Sonoma

We Buy GMC Sonoma TrucksHow Much Cash Can I Make Selling My Junk GMC Sonoma?
Your damaged truck could be worth a significant sum on the auto recycling market. Although the particulars may vary, we know that the curb weight of the GMC Sonoma is between 3,112 and 3,247 pounds. This means that you can expect to get between $250 and $3500 for your truck. Much of this value comes from the possibility of salvaging parts and components through our network of junk car parts buyers.

When we make an appraisal on a junk car, we rely on a few factors to determine how much we can afford to pay for it. We’re prepared to pay out as much as $10,000 for used cars depending on these factors:

• The car’s age;
• The condition of the car;
• Its mileage;
• Local scrap metal prices.

You’ll get the best deal when bringing us a GMC Sonoma with useful accessories or other components that can be salvaged and parted out. For example, this particular model is known to have problems with its distributor chain, causing engine issues. If your car has working parts that are in-demand, such as this particular distributor piece, you might be able to earn a bit more when selling your car to an auto recycler.

Why We Buy the GMC Sonoma: Its History

The GMC Sonoma is closely related to the Chevrolet S-10, of which it is a rebadged variant. These cars first appeared in 1982, and were continually updated with ever newer parts and better-performing engine specs on a nearly annual basis until being replaced by a newer compact pickup truck in 2004. Within this time frame, the GMC Sonoma earned its place as one of the more popular and reliable trucks in its class.

In 1996, Isuzu licensed the GMC Sonoma platform to create the Isuzu Hombre, which is another rebadged variant of this particular model. Success was short-lived, however, and that model discontinued production in 2000. The Sonoma remained the leading car in its class until its own discontinuation a few years later.

Recent Offers Made for GMC Sonoma Trucks:

1999 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 65619
Offer Price: $130
Offer Date: 11-13-2018

2000 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 63111
Offer Price: $210
Offer Date: 11-12-2018

1999 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 93612
Offer Price: $180
Offer Date: 11-12-2018

2000 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 13148
Offer Price: $125
Offer Date: 11-08-2018

1999 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 37072
Offer Price: $200
Offer Date: 11-07-2018

2001 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 49286
Offer Price: $320
Offer Date: 11-05-2018

2000 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 40475
Offer Price: $80
Offer Date: 11-04-2018

1994 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 04083
Offer Price: $55
Offer Date: 11-02-2018

1995 GMC Sonoma
Zip: 77591
Offer Price: $260
Offer Date: 11-02-2018

2001 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 85392
Offer Price: $240
Offer Date: 11-02-2018

1999 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 80020
Offer Price: $275
Offer Date: 10-31-2018

1995 Gmc Sonoma
Zip: 46241
Offer Price: $165
Offer Date: 10-30-2018

Is It Time to Junk My GMC Sonoma?

You might want to sell your damaged GMC Sonoma to an auto recycler like us if the cost of repairing it is greater than the value of the truck itself. This is often the case with trucks that have been involved in auto accidents or that have missing, faulty parts.
In general, once the price of repairs is greater than the value of the car itself, you’re better off selling it as-is. The longer you wait, the lower the value drops, so if you're thinking, "I'm ready to sell my car!" then you should get on the phone and have one of our specialists offer you a quote today!

Call (855) 437-9728 or request a quote online to sell your GMC Sonoma.