Sell My Junk Lincoln Town Car

We Buy Lincoln Town Car VehiclesHow Much Is My Junk Lincoln Town Car Worth?
The Lincoln Town Car has a curb weight of between 4,352 and 4,467 pounds, which leads to a junk car price of between $400 and $4000, depending on the factors junk car buyers like us use to appraise these vehicles. If your Town Car has accessories and parts that can be salvaged, you might be able to earn much more if you sell your car to us.

At Junk Car Medics®, we look at a few important factors when considering how much to pay for a junk car. These include:

• The car’s mileage:
• The car’s condition;
• Its location;
• The car’s weight;
• Its age.

If you own a junk Lincoln Town Car and you want to get it sold, you might be able to earn a considerable payout by contacting us and having a member of our team offer you a quote. We regularly buy these cars and are willing to pay top-dollar for used cars. Junk Car Medics® will pay up to $10,000 for a running car in decent condition.

Introducing the Lincoln Town Car: Why We Buy Them

The Lincoln Town Car is an iconic full-size luxury sedan that began production in 1981. It became one of the best selling full-size US luxury sedans in history, with annual sales exceeding 100,000 units regularly. It is a very popular limousine car, with the majority of these sales being to professional transportation companies looking for luxury sedans and stretch limousines.

The modern Lincoln Town Car features more rounded lines than its predecessors, which marked a change in the role of the model within the Lincoln line-up. The modern Town Car is not just a limousine, but also a luxury family sedan and a professional vehicle. The manufacturer released various trims and livery versions, making it one of the most customizable vehicles on the market. A Lincoln Town Car was even used as the Presidential State Car of the Presidential H. W. Bush’s presidency.

Recent Offers Made for Lincoln Town Cars:

1995 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 29210
Offer Price: $115
Offer Date: 07-16-2019

2002 Lincoln Town car

Zip: 44052
Offer Price: $210
Offer Date: 07-15-2019

1991 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 85326
Offer Price: $130
Offer Date: 07-14-2019

1993 Lincoln Town car

Zip: 84037
Offer Price: $35
Offer Date: 07-13-2019

1989 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 89030
Offer Price: $115
Offer Date: 07-12-2019

2008 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 73010
Offer Price: $120
Offer Date: 07-12-2019

2004 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 38654
Offer Price: $280
Offer Date: 07-11-2019

1996 Lincoln Town car

Zip: 75211
Offer Price: $155
Offer Date: 07-10-2019

1999 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 39203
Offer Price: $90
Offer Date: 07-08-2019

2001 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 79907
Offer Price: $270
Offer Date: 07-08-2019

2001 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 64507
Offer Price: $95
Offer Date: 07-07-2019

1988 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 28726
Offer Price: $105
Offer Date: 07-07-2019

2011 Lincoln Town Car

Zip: 46176
Offer Price: $310
Offer Date: 07-06-2019

Should I Sell My Junk Lincoln Town Car?

If you own a junk Lincoln Town Car that you’re considering selling, you should compare the value of the car with the cost of repairing it to full functionality. If one f our appraisers offers you a higher price for the car than what it costs to repair it fully, then your interests are best served by selling the junk car to us.

Don’t forget that junk Lincoln Town Cars with salvageable parts can earn more with Junk Car Medics®. These cars often have intake manifold issues and suffer from failed compressors; if your car has functional parts and components, you might be able to earn even more than you expected. Call today for an estimate!

Call (855) 437-9728 or request a quote online to sell your Lincoln Town Car.