Sell Your Salvage Car for Cash Online

There’s a lot of judgment going on with a salvaged car. It refers to any vehicle that has been declared a total loss by an insurance company. Typically, that means any car that’s lost at least 60% of the car’s total value.

It’s the official label for a vehicle that has sustained so much damage that it’s unworthy of fixing. This declaration will earn you a salvage title that refers to the type of damage the car sustained (e.g., flooding, fire, accident, etc.). You can’t drive these vehicles unless you pass a special inspection, with standards courtesy of your state’s government.

If that all seems harsh, we get why you might be offended. You might wonder if there’s a chance of hanging onto your vehicle if you just give it a little TLC. This is a nice thought, but Junk Car Medics can tell you that salvaged cars aren’t usually worth the effort. There’s a reason why an insurance company just said no.

Of course, just because an insurance company declared it a total loss, doesn’t mean you have to declare it a total loss. You can still get something for it when you know who to turn to.

Where Can You Sell Your Salvaged Car?

Plenty of people will take your salvaged car off your hands:

  • Junk car services: Cash-for-car sites like Junk Car Medics specialize in cars that are past their prime. From the offer to the tow truck, reputable services are known for smoothing out all the wrinkles when selling your salvaged car.
  • Salvage yards: Called salvage yards because they work with the kind of car you’re looking to sell, these places can be hit-and-miss. They may offer you a good deal or they might end up charging more than you think to tow the car and process the paperwork.
  • Online: Undoubtedly you’ve seen people list their salvaged cars on sites like Craigslist. Or maybe you’ve seen other big-name sites that promise to make it easy to sell your used car. A lot of people with salvage titles might get roped into this, only to find that salvage cars don’t exactly command top-dollar.
  • Word-of-mouth: If you’re old-school, you can try low-tech methods, like letting your friends know that you’re trying to get rid of a car or sticking up a sign on the window with your phone number.

Of all the options above, junk car services like Junk Car Medics tend to be the most reliable. Why? Because these are companies that have built a reputation and, perhaps even more importantly, a reliable network of partners that can take your car when you need them to.

So instead of calling the wrong junkyard in your city, one that may give you less than the car is worth, you end up working with a professional in your area who will treat you fairly. It all works out to a lot less wasted time on your end, which can take all the stress out of getting rid of a salvage car.

Why Sell Your Salvage Car With Junk Car Medics?

We make everything easier for our customers:

  • Online offer tools provide fast, convenient quotes with no pressure.
  • You get fair market value for your vehicle.
  • From start to finish, everything is streamlined.

Salvaged cars aren’t in demand the same way that a traditional used car would be. They’re considered to be far too risky for most people. The end result is plenty of low-ballers and casual buyers – and that’s if you get any interest in your car at all.

Here’s what else you should know about salvage cars:

  • Kelley Blue Book states that it’s common to deduct 40% of the car’s value with a salvage title.
  • Buyers are notorious for offering as little as possible to try and save money on the restoration costs of it.
  • Junk Car Medicsgives you the best offer for your salvage car, and above all else, we make it easy to get off your property.

At Junk Car Medics, we know just how painstaking the process can be, particularly when you’ve probably got 15 other things on your to-do list at any given time. It’s just not worth the effort to sell a salvage car on their own, which is why they turn to us for a little more assistance.

What Types Of Damaged Cars Do We Buy?

It would be a far shorter list if Junk Car Medics told you what we didn’t buy. Because our organization is based largely on the value of the scrap metal, we rarely turn anything down. We accept vehicles of every size and shape, including:

  • Cargo vans
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • Sedans
  • Coupes

There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, Junk Car Medics can take your salvage vehicle and turn it into cash for you.

No car is immune from serious damage, even brand-new ones that have just been driven off the lot. With us, we take into account every aspect of the car, pulling value where we can so you can get the most out of the deal.

How To Sell Your Salvage Car With Junk Car Medics?

It’s a simple process with Junk Car Medics, one that you can start right away if you want:

Understanding Your Salvage Car’s Value

You have a few traditional options when it comes to getting the most value out of your salvage car:

  • Restore the vehicle: If you can pass inspections, you can get back on the road.
  • Sell the parts: You might be able to get some serious dough for parts that were unaffected by the damage.
  • Sell the car: While salvage cars aren’t the most coveted vehicles on the planet, you might be able to find a father-son team that’s ready for a new project.

For the most part, the first two options require the kinds of skills and empty schedule that most people just don’t have. Not only will you need to have the tools and equipment to remove parts, or in some cases, replace them, you’ll need to ensure that all the work you do will meet the standards of your state.

Junk Car Medics looks largely to the price of scrap steel and iron to determine the value of your car, also known as about 65% of the vehicle’s weight. This can be frustrating for some sellers, particularly when the prices for scrap haven’t been as robust as everyone might have liked.

Recycled metal used to be more of a ‘thing’ in the past, with China buying like crazy for all kinds of new projects. Lately, that interest has cooled some in recent years, which has made an impact on the market.

The prices of scrap metal can turn on a dime, so there’s no use making any kind of promises in this section. What we can say is that we’ll look at every available avenue to get you the most from your car. Your make and model might be more in-demand than others, which will net you more in cash.

Insights And Stats From Junk Car Medics

Our industry can be a little all over the place, even for those of us who’ve devoted our careers to it. Getting a little sample of what we see everyday can help you prepare for what’s to come with your salvage car:

The Junk Car Medics Difference

We can tell you all kinds of things about our customer service, but much of what we brag about comes straight from the comments of our customers:

  • Convenience: We want you to have more room in your life for better things! By making it easy to get rid of your salvage car, we provide a service that takes a salvage car you don’t want off your hands and replaces it with a check you can use to buy something else.
  • Options: If you want to work online, we support that. If you want to call us, we want to talk to you. If your tow truck is late for some reason, we’re interested in doing something about it! Our customer service is flexible because our customers all have their own ideas of what service means to them.
  • Professional care: We might not greet you at your door and roll out the proverbial red carpet, but we’ll make sure someone does. Our network is built on the reputation of professionals in your area. And if one of those businesses starts to slip in terms of their quality, we update our lists to reflect that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Junk Car Medics?

Junk Car Medics is a junk car service that buys cars with salvage titles. We buy vehicles from all over the country, arranging for pick-ups that take the heap in your driveway off your hands. We work with salvage yards, tow truck services, and car auction sites to get you the most money for your vehicle.

How Can I Sell My Salvage Car To Junk Car Medics?

We typically ask for the registration, title, and keys, along with a valid ID. However, there may be some cases where we can let you slide on one of the requirements, depending on the situation and where you live.

Can I Arrange Same-Day Pickup For Salvage Cars?

We make every effort to arrange for same-day pickups, but sometimes it just can’t happen. Weather, availability, and location can all get in the way.

That being said, we’ve been known to hand out checks in as little as 2 hours after giving the original quote. The most you’ll have to wait is 48 hours.

Do You Buy Salvage Cars Near Me?

Yes. We have carriers across the continental US, which means we can buy whenever and wherever we want.

How Do I Get An Offer To Sell To Junk Car Medics?

Either give us a call or fill out a form online to get an offer from us. This is a no-pressure quote that you can take us up on only if you so choose.

How Long Does It Take?

The offers are near-instantaneous. We only need so much information to get you a quote. The pickups will depend on the location and availability of our carriers, which can take anywhere from 2 – 48 hours.