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We Buy Totaled Cars Like These

A totaled car is a huge disappointment, no matter how old it was or how much you were ready to get rid of it anyway. For one, you can’t exactly prepare for it, so it puts you in a huge bind right from the start. And if you use your car to, say, get to your job or buy a month’s worth of groceries, you probably don’t have a lot of time to play with.

Because a totaled car will cost more to repair than the cost of the whole vehicle, you don’t really have a ton of options. Some people might want to salvage it by repairing it to the best of their ability and hoping that it passes their state’s inspection so they can put it on the road. Most of the time, you’re better off selling a totaled car fast, so you can get into something newer as soon as possible.

We’ll look at how you might go about it, what your vehicle is likely worth, and where you can find someone who’s actually ready to take your car totaled away.

Where Can You Sell Your Totaled Car?

Mechanics, auctions, hobbyists, teenagers: there are buyers out there for any kind of car you got – even if it resembles a mangled heap of metal more so than any kind of vehicle you’ve ever seen.

  • Cash-for-car services: A quality cash-for-car service like Junk Car Medics pretty much does everything the name implies. It’s the company’s job to make the arrangements to get your totaled car out of your hair. Once it’s done, your car goes off to scrap metal heaven and you get a check.
  • Junkyards: A junkyard might take your totaled car for any number of reasons. Maybe they have deals with mechanics or maybe they have plenty of demand for all kinds of niche products. This option very much depends on where you’re located in terms of the results. Some are reputable, while others have hidden agendas.
  • Craigslist: Your car doesn’t have to be in pristine condition to sell on Craigslist. In fact, it doesn’t even need to start when you put the keys in. Just keep in mind that this site is free to post and reply on, which can attract some very….let’s say ‘unsavory’ characters.
  • Paid sites: Major used car sites that take a cut of the sale might make it a little easier to navigate the sales process. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most of these sites aren’t advertising totaled cars. They’re hawking much more desirable vehicles that as fashionable as they are functional.
  • Word-of-mouth: If you live in a small(ish) community, it might be easy to spread the word by asking around or putting a sign in a window. You tell people, those people tell their friends, etc. This method can take time you don’t have though and it might not actually generate the interest you were hoping for.

All in all, a totaled car is tough to get rid of, precisely because the math just doesn’t work out. Spending all that money on parts to get it back on the road isn’t usually worth it (and that’s even if the buyer is going to do all the labor in their spare time).

Services like Junk Car Medics are there not just to save you time but to save you stress too. It’s not unusual for people to sit on a totaled car for a bit so they can get the most money out of it. After a while though, it becomes another project that you’re never going to get around to, which only creates more anxiety around the whole thing.

Why Sell Your Totaled Car With Junk Car Medics?

Junk Car Medics cuts through all the wishy-washy buyers and annoying back-and-forths. With us, you’ll never have to hear:

  • “Would you take less for it?”
  • “I can’t make it at 10a. Can you do 10p instead?
  • “I’ll be there for real this time.”
  • “Which car are you selling again?”
  • “I charge $50 to tow the thing.”
  • “No one’s going to offer you anything better than this.”

Instead of giving you the run-around or low-balling you in hopes of a knock-down, drag-out negotiation battle, here’s what we do:

  • Fast, free offers: All you have to do is fill out a quick online form to get a quote. You get the numbers you need without the pressure you don’t.
  • Fair market value: We’ll be honest: totaled cars aren’t going to go very far in terms of the cash results. Still, with Junk Car Medics, you can rest assured that you’re getting a fair offer.
  • Efficiency: This is by far what we’re praised for most. By building a network of reputable buyers and towing services, we replace hassle with excellent communication and stress with a check.

What Types Of Totaled Cars Do We Buy?

Totaled cars can be junk cars that were about to conk out anyway or they can be brand-new cars that were totaled right after leaving the lot. For that reason, we take pretty much every kind of vehicle, regardless of make, model, or year.

Contact us with your:

  • Cargo vans
  • Trucks
  • SUVs
  • 4-doors
  • 2-doors
  • Convertibles

Totaled cars typically come down to how much metal they can give us, which is why we don’t really discriminate. So even if you’ve got a rusted through Grand Cherokee that’s completely crumpled at the back, all you have to do is give us the details.

How To Sell Your Totaled Car With Junk Car Medics?

All things considered, the seven-step process really couldn’t be any more straightforward:

Understanding Your Totaled Car’s Value

The value of a totaled car is in the eye of the beholder. Some people will see a chance to flex their repair skills and really take on a challenge, which could be invaluable to them and their personal development.

However, for the most part, people are going to evaluate the vehicle’s value based on what they can strip. It’s the iron and steel that make up most of the car’s weight. And even if that metal is crunched or twisted, it can still be recycled into new projects.

So what can we tell you about scrap?

  • It used to be more in-demand. Thanks to China, there was a lot of interest in it. However, the economic winds have turned and brought the overall price of a ton down since its peak in the early 2010s.
  • It’s versatile. Scrap metal can be infused into bridges, appliances, airplanes, etc. It’s pretty cool to think that your car might be flying overhead at some point in your life.
  • It can change on a dime. Detailing how much your car is worth based on scrap today won’t necessarily have anything to do with what it’s worth tomorrow.

To Junk Car Medics, one totaled car isn’t the same as another. Some makes and models are more in-demand, while others might have a few extra goodies that will bump up your bottom line. Once you give us all the information we need, our algorithms can factor it all in before giving you an idea of what your vehicle is really worth.

Insights And Stats From Junk Car Medics

The staff at Junk Car Medics might not always love the ups and downs of the industry, but we’ve grown to appreciate the volatility and unexpected. If nothing else, it gives us some interesting facts to share:

The Junk Car Medics Difference

Junk Car Medics is different from other cash-for-cars services, but honestly, why would you believe that if we’re the ones saying it? Luckily, you might want to take it straight from the mouths of our customers. Here’s (roughly) what they have to say about us:

  • So easy: The online quotes, the tow truck services, the checks: it’s all tailor-made to make your day go a lot easier than a day of trying to get low-ball buyers off your property.
  • Customer service: Our staff knows that not everyone does business the same way. That’s why there are people available to talk to you if you want it, but there are also simple online tools that were built with the user experience in mind.
  • Reliable network: Our tow truck drivers show up when they say they’re going to show up. The junkyards we partner with aren’t going to charge you just because they feel like it or you wore the wrong shirt. We work with people who have proven themselves in the industry. And if for some reason they don’t perform the way they should, we don’t take that lightly.

If you’re ready to get your totaled car as far away as possible, there’s really no better company to call. We’ve done all the legwork, building reputations across the country that will almost certainly net you more money than going straight to your local junk car. Instead of having to spend all your time doing the research, all you have to do is cash a check.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Junk Car Medics?

Junk Car Medics is a cash-for-car service that purchases all kinds of cars, including used, damaged, totaled, and salvaged. We operate with legitimate professionals in the industry and streamline the process of picking up your car. This allows us to give customers fair market value for their vehicles.

How Can I Sell My Totaled Car To Junk Car Medics?

Once you’ve accepted an online quote, we basically take it all from there. We coordinate the details, give you the information you need, and work out any issues on our end. All you need is title keys, valid ID, and registration to turn the pile in your drive into a crisp, clean check. (And, in some cases, you may not even need that!)

Can I Arrange Same-Day Pickup For Totaled Cars?

Possibly. The same-day pickup depends on the schedules of the junkyards we work with, the location of the car, and whether there’s a tornado ripping through your town that day.

Do You Buy Totaled Cars Near Me?

Yes. The network that Junk Car Medics has built extends across the continental US, which has ended up being a godsend for people in rural locations who don’t have a lot of options when it comes to who they sell to. However, even in big cities, we end up being helpful because we cut through all the competition out there and get straight to the bottom line.

How Do I Get An Offer To Sell To Junk Car Medics?

You can call us or you can fill out an online quote. Our offers are based on the details you give us, so make sure you’re giving us an honest assessment of what the car really looks like. If you tell us it’s mostly front-end damage and we find it’s full-body when our people get there, that could be trouble.

How Long Does It Take?

The offers themselves take a few minutes, but from there, the timeline can vary between 2 – 48 hours. Given our efficiency and customer service, it’s not unusual for people to be done with the whole process within a few hours of accepting the quote.

Of course, if you’re filling out a form at 3a, we might not be able to make it out to you quite that early. Rest assured either way though, we make every effort to get your totaled car as quickly as possible.