Top 10 Junk Cars in Florida

Top 10 Scrapped Cars in Florida

The sunshine state sees its fair share of junk vehicles. In most cases, the vehicles that get scrapped are older and may not hold enough value to warrant fixing the issues. From problems like engine to transmission problems, so problems can cost owners thousands of dollars to fix. If your car isn't worth that much, fixing it may not be in your best interest. We have taken information from and to see the most common downsides to the vehicles that made this list.

If you own one of the vehicles on this list, we also provide you with the amounts you could get from scrapping it in various locations across the state of Florida. We want you to be able to get the top price for your junk vehicle.

1. 2005 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $195.31

MIAMI $243.24
ORLANDO $198.57
TAMPA $198.64

The 2005 Nissan Altima is number one on the Florida junk car list, but it won't be the last Altima you see. The 2005 model year was a particularly bad year for Nissan due to the engine problems that could cost around $5,000 for repair or replacement - even more for a V6 or V8 engine model.

The average price paid for a junked 2005 Nissan Altima in Florida is 5.31. Miami ranked number one with a payout of $243.24, $47.93 above the state's average. All of the amounts brought in by the remaining four top cities were above the state's average - the closest coming from Tampa ($198.64) and Orlando ($198.57) with $3.33 and $3.26 above the average. Jacksonville and Port Saint Lucie were $225 and $221.67, respectively, with an average of $28.03 above average between the two.


2. 2006 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $211.85

MIAMI $248.06
TAMPA $210.00
ORLANDO $288.33

Number two on the Florida junk car list is the 2006 Nissan Altima, which is considered a clunker by There was a trend of engine and transmission failure within this model year. The CVT transmission often requires replacement around the 100,000-mile mark. This repair alone can cost owners over $2,000 for repair.

The average price that Florida residents got for their 2006 Nissan Altima was 1.85. Tampa came close to average, with only a $1.85 difference below average at $210. Jacksonville is the only city on the list offering an amount significantly below-average, yielding $32.47 below average at $179.38. West Palm Beach provides a scrap payout of $224, $12.15 above average. Miami is next on the list providing $248.06 above average scrap pricing. Orlando brought in top dollar with $76.48 above scrap price with $288.33.

3. 2002 Ford Explorer

Average Price: $197.08

ORLANDO $262.50
TAMPA $249.29
MIAMI $210.00

The 2002 Ford Explorer is an avoid like the plague vehicle based on the reviews from The vehicle has a record of expensive transmission repairs, including a replacement or rebuilds before reaching 100,000 miles. These can cost owners close to $3,000 or more in repair costs alone. Wheel bearing failure is also another problem reported, requiring replacement.

On average, the scrap value for the 2002 Ford Explorer in Florida was 7.08. Orlando offered sellers the highest prices, a $262.50 scrap value, $65.52 higher than the average. Tampa offered owners $249.29 scrap value, $52.21 above average. Saint Petersburg ($212.50) and Miami ($210) were $15.42 and $12.92 above average. Jacksonville was the only city to offer an amount below average, at $24.08 below its average.


4. 2008 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $424.88

MIAMI $409.32
TAMPA $263.00
OPA LOCKA $451.25

The 2008 Nissan Altima has quite a list of problems, including CVT transmission problems. Three of the worst problems reported to were the dashboard melting ($1,300 to fix), transmission failure ($3,700 to fix), and a blown head gasket ($2,400 to fix). The costly repairs bring the 2008 Nissan Altima to clunker status and number four on our most junked car in Florida list.

The average price for scrapping a 2008 Nissan Altima in Florida is 4.88. Gainesville offers the owners of these vehicles $596.25, a $171.37 increase over the Florida average. The only other city within the state offering an above-average price is Opa Locka at $451.25 at $26.37 above average. Three cities in Florida provide below-average scrap pricing for the 2008 Nissan Altima. Miami came close with $409.32, at $15.56 below average pricing. Fort Lauderdale ($338.89) and Tampa ($263) didn't reach near the average, $85.99, and $161.88 below average.

5. 2002 Honda Accord

Average Price: $195.32

ORLANDO $207.78
MIAMI $278.13
TAMPA $220.00

The 2002 Honda Accord is one of the years of Accord models that didn't fare so lucky in terms of transmissions. The majority of the problems listed for this car included the need for the transmission to be repaired or replaced at close to 90,000 miles. Due to lawsuits, the warranty on the transmission was lengthened to 93-months or 109K miles.

Scrap value averages 5.32 in Florida for the 2002 Honda Accord. Out of the five cities we polled, only one came up short, and that was Jacksonville at $156.25, $39.07 below the state's average. Orlando offered $207.78 ($12.46 above state average), and Tampa offered $220 ($24.68 above average). Miami and Fort Lauderdale provided the highest amounts at $278.13 and $247.50, providing $82.81 and $52.18.

6. 2001 Honda Accord

Average Price: $192.95

ORLANDO $217.86
TAMPA $152.50

One model year older than number five on our list, the 2001 Honda Accord has the same transmission problems that the other Accord models have within the early 2000s. The majority of them have problems that required a recall to occur, even though it wasn't enough to spare many owners from costly repairs.

The average scrap value for the 2001 Honda Accord in Florida is 2.95. Tampa and West Palm Beach do not offer owners an amount that meets the state's average. Tampa was below average by $40.45 at $152.50. West Palm Beach was below average by $29.20 at $163.75. Three cities were above the average for scrap value on the 2001 Honda Accord. Jacksonville offers owners $209.17 for scrap, which is $16.22 above average. Next was Orlando at $217.86, with $24.91 above average. Hollywood provided a big payout for 2001 Honda Accord owners providing $243 in scrap, $50.05 over the average.


7. 2002 Honda Civic

Average Price: $209.36

MIAMI $285.00
ORLANDO $163.00

The 2002 Honda Civic is described as a clunker on with over 1,000 complaints, primarily about the transmission. Most of these transmission problems were reported before the vehicle ever reached 100K miles, too. The transmission problems are a huge problem for many 2000 Honda models, not just the Civic.

The average price for scrapping a 2002 Honda Civic is $209.36.  Orlando was in last place, only providing $163 for scrap value, $46.36 less than the state average. Kissimmee was only $7.22 below average at $202.14. Fort Lauderdale provides scrap values at $220 ($10.64 above average), Homestead at $233.75 ($24.39 above average), and Miami at $285 ($75.64 above average).

8. 2000 Honda Accord

Average Price: $174.18

MIAMI $215.63
ORLANDO $150.71
TAMPA $150.00

The early 2000s were not good for the Honda brand. Within these model years, the transmissions installed have a knack for breaking down or needing to be replaced before the 100K mile mark. That is why the 2000 Honda Accord makes number eight on our most junked cars in Florida list.

The average pricing for scrapped 2000 Honda Accords run $174.18 in Florida. Tampa ($150) and Orlando ($150.71) came in with the lowest scrap prices, $24.18, and $23.41 under average pricing. Jacksonville scrap pricing provided $166.67, which is $7.51 below average. West Palm Beach averaged $171.67, and $2.51 below average. The only city within Florida with scrap pricing over average at $215.63 was in Miami, providing $41.45 extra.


9. 2007 Nissan Altima

Average Price: $419.70

MIAMI $414.64
TAMPA $427.86
ORLANDO $468.33

The 2007 Nissan Altima is classified as a clunker on Many of the Nissans are fitted with CVT transmissions, which have the tendency to need repairs or replacements around the 100K mark. On average, most CVT transmission repairs are over $4,000, and more if it needs completely replaced.

The average scrap value in Florida for the 2007 Nissan Altima is 9.70. Fort Lauderdale provided the lowest amount for scrap on this Altima, $356.67, which was $63.03 below average. Close to average, Miami offered $414.64, $5.06 below Florida average. Pompano Beach ($427.50) and Tampa ($427.86) came in at $7.80 and $8.16 above average. Orlando provided top scrap pricing at $48.63 above average with a scrap price of $468.33.

2004 Ford Explorer

10. 2004 Ford Explorer

Average Price: $217.27

ORLANDO $251.67
TAMPA $241.00
PALM COAST $123.75

Receiving plague status from, the 2004 Ford Explorer shares a lot of the same problems that the 2002 Ford Explorer presents. The expensive transmission failure before 100K miles and wheel bearing failure can create accidents and also pricing repairs.

The average price for scrapping a 2004 Ford Explorer in Florida is 7.27. Palm Coast provided the least amount of scrap value at $123.75, a surprising $93.52 below average. The other four cities we looked at ranked above average scrap pricing. Boynton Beach and Jacksonville provided pricing at $231.67 and $232.14, respectively, creating above-average pricing of $14.40 and $14.87. Tampa provided owners with a $241 scrap value, $23.73 more than the state average. With $34.40 above-average scrap pricing, Orlando provided $251.67 for 2004 Ford Explorers.

Florida's Best Scrap Values

Now that you know what the ten most scrapped cars are in the state of Florida, now you can find out what your junker can get you in specific cities. Like when you purchase a car, you should shop around for the best price. The same applies to looking for the best scrap pricing. You should shop around before settling on one price. Some cities can offer you higher prices for your old car.

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