How to Transfer a Car Title in Alaska

To introduce a car title in the state of Alaska, it’s a good idea to read these instructions, locate all the appropriate lines on the title, and read any instructions on the title before you start filling in the information.

Turn to the back of your Alaska title and look in the middle of the document.

  1. Print the buyer’s name where it says “Buyer or Transferee.”
  2. On the next line, print the buyer’s street address only.
  3. On the next line, print the city and state where it says “City and State.” Print the zip code where it says “Zip code.”
  4. Read through the following sentences, then write in the odometer reading on the blank line.
  5. Where it says “Seller X,” the seller should sign their name. Next to that, where it says “Buyer X,” the buyer should print their name.
  6. If there are two sellers or two buyers, the second seller or buyer can sign their name on the next set of lines.

If you live in a remote part of Alaska without a Division of Motor Vehicles office, visit this website for details about turning in a car title and getting a new one issued. For other questions about transferring a car title in Alaska, visit the Division of Motor Vehicles website.